デスノート ・ Death Note 📓 Vol. 2

I have a particular problem translating these sentences, then

  • Page 19
    • Amongst the investigators who went to Japan, who knows everyone’s face? That’s not it. Who holds a file like that?
    • Until yesterday, that was only me.
    • Today, there is someone who said, “I want to confirm my colleagues in Japan in advance”, so I sent him the file.
    • Kira must have contacted that investigator.
    • So who did you send that file?
  • Page 20
    • That was everyone.
    • Suddenly, someone also said the same; so I decided to send all of them the file.
    • Firstly, 4 of them asked of a file by themselves; then (all 4 of them?) told to send the file to remaining others.

Damn, asking of whether Kira is smart (or a possible loophole), is basically a spoiler as well…


Not too long until next chapter discussion thread is up. :wink: Looking forward to that one a lot!

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I was searching for えるしているか meme, and came across the whole thing.

I am not sure why Watari send more dying note right now? Just found more?

After the previous lines from Ch 6, it becomes

Page 2

死ぬのは こわくない

  • 早く召されたい。神の元へ死ぬのは、怖くない。
    • Do it to me quickly. I am not fear of dying due to the cause by Death God.

Then, just before the 女 cries

Page 3


  • いつも嘆いているベッドは硬いし、監獄は死臭がする。ごめんだ。もう我慢できない。死んだほうが利口だ。
    • The bed I always mourn on is hard, as well as the prison stinks of corpse. I am sorry. I can’t bear it anymore. It is smarter to die.

Yeah, a part of it is behind キラめ. I don’t know how that Yahoo guy picked it up (anime, maybe?)

Forgive me if I get the Kanji wrong…


I think the Raye talk with his wife is a bit weird knowing that he is american, cause while it may be normal for japanese women to drop their careers when getting married (is it normal?), it’s not really a thing for americans. Him being the one that pushes that custom is a bit weird.

I also don’t remember if they ever say how they met, but I would guess it was at the force and them discussing cases together would be the most normal thing honestly (and she also says it’s a habit of hers).

This feels mostly as an excuse to have an FBI(エフビーアイ) agent that goes after Kira and isn’t in the file so they don’t die when Light kills all agents in it. Also revenge


9 - (あな)

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Vocabulary list

デスノート ・ Death Note Vocabulary - Google Sheets

Of course, earlier chapters are still welcomed to be discussed.


Let me start with,

What is written on the road on Page 27 (first page of the chapter)?


It’s (みぎ)カーブ(curve), I think.


@polv we need another discussion thread for this week’s reading. ^^’ Or did you intent do keep all discussions for volume 2 in the same thread?

Everything for Vol.2 will be in here, as suggested in the Home Thread.

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But, that suggestion is to have weekly discussion threads, not to have all discussions in the same thread. ^^;

No, the example thread really have everything in the volume in that thread.

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I guess, I misunderstood since we didn’t read volume 1 like that. And I wanted to make sure that I’m not posting spoilers for others by continuing discussing this week’s chapter in the thread.

The names of these FBI agents never cease to crack me up. I know it’s to avoid using real names, but yeah Sekllet, Guntair and Zapack are all great! XD

Anyway, Light is proving to be quite a two-faced devil: he’s got no qualms lying his parents and sister, pretending to be the good son; meanwhile, he’s clearly enjoying the process of getting rid of the FBI in Japan, manipulating Raye Penbar into killing his boss and colleagues.

That final さよなら is bone chilling! :cold_face:


It reminds me of Japanese video games’ names.


Nonetheless, some English movies too have the same phenomenon, but for Russian names. – I can’t find examples right now, but I did see on Reddit some time ago.


this is why it felt so odd to me too.
It would have made a stronger case if they did share and she gave input, but was not officially on the case and thus survived. She would then have lost a man we would feel less icky about, having a more respectful relationship. The way that scene was written made me less empathetic about his demise, and less understanding of her pursuing it (though it makes sense enough. This scene didn’t help, it hurt it)


I feel there is maybe a slight hole in this chapter…

Since Ray asked the coworker to get the file and then send to him, do they have record of Ray asking for it second? Shouldn’t he be one of those who got it after all got it sent? If they tracked the coworker sending it to him, that would have made it more special, but it wasn’t mentioned. And it didn’t look like he asked for it himself, other than from the lower ranking agent. Not a big deal, but it just seems to me they wouldn’t that easily know when they received it, more likely they would know the order by when they asked the superior for it, on which Ray wouldn’t even be.

Any thoughts?


L forgot to question this. Though can suspect the correct person in the end.

Second-hand persons, asking for colleague’s information, aren’t necessarily ordered by the one Raye contacted with. It seems that some either refused or decided to ask too late, receiving the information that was eventually passed along first. (Only 4 of them really asked.)

Let me ask real things, now.

  • How do Japanese people feel about crime suspect going to work in a public place? (You know, that glasses guy.)
  • Light threatened repeatedly that he will kill Raye’s girlfriend and family; and Raye really did fear it. Either one of them or both forgot that it is impossible…
  • Are there any real reasons for Raye not remembering Light’s voice?
  • Raye thought he would only give away names only, but not the faces; forgetting that Kira could lie (e.g. only the names need to be known.)
  • Are English / alphabetic names supposed to have = when in Japanese? Not only Light wrote it wrong, L also received the wrong names.
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I think it is is Light going on the assumption they don’t know quite how it works yet. All they know for sure is he needs to know what they look like and has something to do with names. They have no idea how he does it, so for all they know he can kill anyone he looks at. As for not quite placing the voice, he notice is it familiar, but doesn’t know Light well enough to place it under stress.


10 - 合流(ごうりゅう)

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Vocabulary list

デスノート ・ Death Note Vocabulary - Google Sheets

Well, L did challenge キラ to kill him in the previous volume and when キラ couldn’t, that ‘proved’ that he needs to know the faces of those he kills, but yeah they can’t be completely certain.

I see what you did there :joy:

Yes, I was also wondering about that, but apparently they don’t have a record of it (which seems a bit strange to me).

I think the whole thing is rather far-fetched to be honest. In principle they know that キラ needs names and faces to kill his victims so then when someone asks for a file with the names and faces of all the FBI agents (without giving a clear reason even) it seems very strange to me that the FBI director would just send that file without hesitation… Or did I miss some reasoning behind that?


Unless the director isn’t as sharp as L, nor did he trust L. But yeah, he forgor :skull_and_crossbones: