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Ah I see, thanks for clarifying. That makes more sense actually :sweat_smile:

Chapter 16:

I’ve seen this before but I’m always shocked that the norm for job interviews seems to be mass interviews. That already is unbelievable for me (because I don’t want everybody to know my thoughts, weak points, etc. - I consider this private information that I only share with those I want, not with random applicants). And then this interview was next-level brutal. When they started to pull out intimate details of the other applicant, it was already clear to me that they’d know about his host job…

Oh, thanks for pointing this out! I fell into a minor rabbithole and read the wikipedia articles about the book, about Macchiavellism and about Cesare Borgia. In light of this, it’s even more interesting that the title of chapter 12 has furigana that say “Fortuna” (which is one of Macchiavelli’s main concepts) :eyes:


Finished the book. :cry:

That’s what surprised me as well. But maybe they wanted to keep company-internal stuff under the rug :woman_shrugging:

That’s my understanding as well.

Oh, if the others had already known about her at the interview, that might explain why they didn’t touch upon it? Or would that not work out with the general timeline? :thinking:

But he isn’t back, right? Kouta must work until March and is out, and the others will go with Shizuku, but when? And how fast can he build a new location? And why don’t the others get in trouble with Papa? Because they are so many? Or maybe Papa feels that the end is nigh (because he is terminally ill, no?) and will end his business at some point? Questionssss …

So the revelation was indeed powerful! But I must say I found the very end a tad too emotive, what with the rain, and then that thing about her hands! I mean it sure drove the message home that this will stick with him forever…


I understood that he is very much back. The whole thing was intended to put pressure on 水谷. Faced with a rebellion, he backed down, gave 光汰 until March to train new hosts and help 雫 find his bearings again (help his family too, whatever that means), 雫 is back in and no one else leaves. The customers were overjoyed to see him too. I guess they will just celebrate anything, that’s what they’re there for.

If you mean sentimental, I didn’t think so (although the rain did have perfect timing, strangely :roll_eyes: ). Judging by the hand image at the very end, and on the next book’s cover too, I’m guessing she will be very much present in the next book (and his life), if only through her absence. Maybe there’s more to discover about her side of the story?


I think this is about ミサキ and the baby, possibly getting them to come back or setting up payments, things like that.

About the host club, second what omk3 wrote. 雫 is back at the club - the whole spiel about him going solo and the rest following was all about putting pressure on the owner.


It’s the weekend so I finally have a little bit more time to read again! Read chapters 6,7 and 8 this morning. The plot thickens!

I enjoyed reading all of the spoiler tags up until chapter 8 haha, I see that @omk3 was also thinking my current theory at this point which is that パパ is behind the robbery in order to bind 雫 further to the club. I also don’t entirely trust misaki either, I feel like she could very well have motives other than what she’s said :thinking:


Hmm… oh it’s that part, right? 雫がうまく戻ってこれる
I missed out on the fact that he meant “return to Tuberose” and not only “return to the business as an independent businessman” :woman_facepalming:

I don’t know the English word that describes exactly what I mean, unfortunately… in German I would say “pathetisch” (which is NOT the same as pathetic!), it means “full of pathos” maybe? (My dictionary offers the English words declamatory / lofty / emotive / elevated / solemn as translations.) Like, very heavily fraught with emotions, but too overdone, so that it becomes negative. I understand that the author wanted to add some sort of climax at the end. It just didn’t work out for me. :woman_shrugging: This was actually the only scene in the whole book where I thought it veers into Light Novel / Anime style and lost the credibility somewhat.

Yeah I think the author was really lucky that it started to rain at exactly that moment, so he could make use of that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh and one more remark I forgot yesterday. In the interview, when one of the interviewers blamed Kouta of having let down his teammates in the internship, he said: 二日目、あなたのチームはどうなったと思いますか? 舵を取っていたあなたがいなくなり、よいものが提出できずみんなインターン失敗、採用には至りませんでした。いい人材だったかもしれないのに […]
I think it’s really funny because he blames Kouta for having destroyed the chances of his teammates, but what I hear is that AIDA as a company failed to identify good candidates in Kouta’s group because of the disruption that Kouta produced. So in my mind he only exposes a weakness of the company’s selection process, nothing else :grin:


@Everybody: I have remade the poll in the OP that gauges interest because it was still referring to both books, and I found that a bit confusing going forward. Therefore if you could transfer your vote at some point, that would be great! I will delete the outdated poll at some point, to keep confusion to a minimum. Thanks :bowing_woman:


So I finished the book… I have so many thoughts and feelings. I found that some parts of the book really resonated with me - the characters and emotions felt so real and human. Especially that last bit of chapter 13.
And the end, chef’s kiss

I think I see what you mean - it did feel a little out of character when compared to the tone set in the rest of the book.
The rain thing felt very cliche, but at the same time it did deliver a strong message. Not sure how to put my thoughts into words here, but it was a fitting finishing touch. A little cliche, but on point. At least compared to other convenient weather occurences in other books (like that once scene in Klara and the Sun…). I didn’t mind it much.

I was thinking Disney channel original movie :joy:


Finally finished chapter 2.
Minor question: Is Megumi his girlfriend?
Thoughts: Going back to the Megumi thing, honestly I was thinking she was some sort of family relative so that whole thing kind of caught me off guard. Anyway, very solid chapter, I did say earlier Kouta was being a bit of a jerk, but his frustrations are certainly valid, his concerns for Meme (How would I spell that without making it sounds like the word meme?) is sweet, I can respect him as a brother stepping up during the hard times. And so now he wants to talk to Shizuku further, I kind of wondered what would be wrong with just accepting the job, but it seems a host is looked down upon. Understandably so, I do know what the job entails. But hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. Seems like the job can easily take our guy down a slippery slope to becoming a scumbag though, at least that’s what I’m predicting.


Yes, you understood that correctly.

She is on good terms with the whole family, so it might easily come across like that.


Yeah, imagine my surprise when I am reading about Kouta passionately kissing his supposed aunt. Had to do more than just a double take lmao.


I finished the book! I had to travel for work so I read the remaining ~50% on the plane ride. Unfortunately I finished 45min before it landed so I had to stew in my emotions about what I just read :joy:
I only have my work laptop with me so this is 100% written on mobile, apologies in advance for typos.

Rambly thoughts on the book:

@NicoleRauch I 100% thought the 土下座 scene at the club and the final scene with the hands just… Comical in comparison to the rest of the book. It almost felt like the author didn’t know how to wrap it up? And 雫 suddenly being fit as a fiddle through like… Exercise or something? Man was going off the rails, he needed more than fitness.

Also Im surprised no one else mentioned this - when Kouta went to the apartment and he (Shizuku) had a dark red stain on his shirt I immediately was like “omg he killed ミサキ”. And then later I thought she was gonna be killed too.

It seemed like it always got soooo close to being darker, but then pulled back. A constant tease.

Also something that stood out to me was Kouta and Megumi’s breakup. I’ve seen westerners online complain about being ghosted while firmly in a relationship and kind of dismissed it as “you weren’t in as much of one as you thought” but no! Kouta and Megumi totally ghost each other after dating for years and her being such an accepted part of the family. Like his sister is mad at him for it and they never officially even ended it unless I missed something?! I can’t remember what was said but Kouta even was like, “I’ll let it dissolve naturally” or something. Like it’s not really ghosting in Japan? I dunno. I’m intrigued.

Also: reading sex scenes in public is awkward. I realize most people wouldn’t be able to read over my shoulder anyways, but the chance that some Japanese person could walk by and see me reading about Kouta’s appraisal of Mitsuko’s boobs was mortifying to think about.

@Hantsuki re your comment on this being a book about how men think: I can see it! It’s obviously bigger-than-life but still, his motivations and his internal struggles are clear and realistic.

Overall, I enjoyed the hell out of this. I will join in reading Age32 on my return flight (although as it’s a longer book I don’t expect to finish it in one flight :sweat_smile:)


Yes, that was ridiculous (that whole chapter was an exaggerated fantasy though). The red stain was immediately explained to be red wine though, so yes, I wasn’t expecting much darkness from that angle. The scene with 雫 and the foreigner, right before the fight and arrest, was strangely unconnected to anything too. Who was that foreigner? What were they doing? Are we to suppose that 雫 was buying drugs or something? I kept expecting it to be explained.

See you soon in the other thread!


I just finished chapter 6.

There seems to be a lot of confusion on what happened at the end looking at past comments (not sure if it’s clarified in later chapters, but it seems very clear that Amu made off with the money with perhaps an accomplice. His phone rings and then he seemingly waves to Kouta except that’s just what Kouta thinks. In reality, he’s likely signaling the other person. The question is who is it?

Is he perhaps working together with the other punks that jumped Kouta and threatened him? Or is it really Misaki? Or perhaps Shizuku? Maybe Shizuku was looking for the least suspecting person to hire to make a fast one. Unless he’s really desperate to take care of his new family, it feels unlikely for him to betray the owner that took him in.

I have mixed feelings about Misaki if she’s really from the countryside like she says. Innocent/good country folk is a common trope so if she’s telling the truth, perhaps she’s trustworthy. But maybe if the intention is to show how the city corrupts people, maybe there’s a hidden side to her.

I also wanted to comment about chapter 5 because I didn’t see anyone mentioning this yet.

It makes you wonder what Kouta and Megumi’s actual relationship is because Megumi wasn’t even planning to spend Christmas Eve with Kouta (which a typically anticipated date night in Japan). She expected him to be busy, and it was funny how she called him out on his elaborate excuse of “something coming up” when she knew it never crossed his mind to spend time with her.

It’s interesting to compare them to Shizuku and Misaki. From Misaki’s POV, they seem to have a strong connection, but the way she appears to be scheming, maybe there’s more to it.


I think it was just in general, I felt like there was constant teasing of something darker just around the corner but it never happened until the very last chapter. I suspect it was intentional to keep us turning the pages (and clearly it worked) but I was getting a bit frustrated with it thinking it would hold back from anything truly bad forever.


For the past several days I haven’t been reading, really disappointed in myself for that, but I just picked it up again today and somehow I feel like I’m reading a million times better and faster than before!

I genuinely don’t know what’s happened, but yesterday I noticed it, I was reading some random stuff online in Japanese and I was breezing through it like it was nothing. It’s like a switch in my brain was flipped. Hoping no one shuts it off :pray:


When your brain or body ask for a break, take it. They need it. I’ve often noticed that I’ve made significant progress after a break, or after a short period where everything just seems harder for some reason. :+1:


Yes I can definitely see the logic in that now! I wasn’t really aware that I needed the break to be honest, but I’m trying to be more conscious. I read a good amount today, but when I felt like I didn’t want to continue I stopped.

In any case I’m now almost done with chapter 3. That was two days of reading and tomorrow, I’ll likely finish, making it three to finish the chapter, which I think is pretty good for me.

Just going to offer some thoughts off the top of my head

Chapter 3

I remember being a bit confused when we first saw the name of Mitsuya because I thought who is that? No furigana, so I had to search up baby names to figure it out lol. Turns out today I found out how the name came about.

Also insane how Shizuku just handing out money like that, and even more so that Kouta bought such expensive shoes! It’s worth more than my entire outfit. Well he passed so that’s good.

Feeling like Shizuku is not going to be good for Kouta in the long run though… but that’s part of what makes the story good, I guess.

Overall, I’m still feeling good about my reading, I’m barely touching my computer to search things up anymore.


Chapter 3 complete. I guess I said the most important stuff yesterday already, so nothing much to add today.

Starting ch 4 tomorrow.


So I read some more, and hopefully if I’m not lazy, I’ll be done with chapter 4 tomorrow.

For now, some thoughts.

Chapter 4

So Kouta has been given a warning… but he doesn’t seem to let on any intentions of quitting, at least as far as I’ve gotten. Actually I didn’t get any monologue about it at all, since I stopped in the middle of the convo with his mother. Still, wonder what he’ll do, as far as I understood the guys didn’t really specify what would happen if he didn’t quit, just if he チクed to Shizuku. Couldn’t find a relevant definition for it, but I’m understanding it as blab. Also poor white sneakers.

Well back to home, he sees Meme off, then has to lie to his mom, kind of sad. So now they’re talking about Meme and her future, really good portrayal of the stress and burdens they have. Apparently, she is good at everything but has no interest in anything, just like Kouta. I can understand that well, because I am the exact same. Ah well, that’s life.

Still loving the book.

Btw, am I the only one still reading this?