キノの旅 Home Thread (Intermediate Book Club) (Start Date: March 9th)


I haven’t just said random numbers. The 1-18 books on キノの旅 cost 120$ and in Canada it’s cost 384$ That is with more than one book.

And yeah the shipping is also kinda expensive but I prefer real book. Maybe I should start eBook someday.


I certainly do too, it’s just that I would go bankrupt if I bought real books every time. For this reason, I only have 3 real books at the moment: 時をかける少女, 魔女の宅急便 and 新世界より.


I should probably try an e-book once. Maybe i’m just an old person who can’t change his habit ha ha


It’s basically the same in the U.S. Can only buy items directly sold by Amazon (so no cheap used books) and then shipping is a flat 600 yen plus 350 yen per item. That’s why I always buy at least a few items at a time, so I don’t have to keep paying the 600 yen over and over again.


I also just use a kindle for Japanese books. It’s the cheapest option for me right now, and I can buy the books and get them in a second, without shipping. I love holding a book, but this was the only way ;____;


A bit late to the conversation, but that’s basically it. Light novel are supposed to be fluff. If the editor decides that it’s fluff, a book will be marketed as a light novel. If not… then it’s a regular novel.

By the way, I saw the question pop up; 時をかける少女 is a novella (a short-ish novel).


Ah, I wasn’t sure if 時をかける少女 was considered a novella. When I thought it was a novel I almost joked about how I’d read (English) novellas longer than it. Now the joke doesn’t work though. :laughing:

I’m referring to The Emperor’s Soul for those curious.


I got really confused when I went to Tsutaya and found out about ライト文芸? It’s kind of reassuring to know that there are tiers of fluff though!


Amazon updated my order and said to expect it next week, so yay!

It says the latest to expect the entire order is February 7th, including 霧のむこうのふしぎな町. But according to Amazon, that’s not even in stock until February 8th. They must really like me or something. :grin:


Probably because they will send the copy they are about to receive to you first :stuck_out_tongue:
By the way, what about 放浪息子? I’m about to start reading it ( I just finished the first volume of 宝石の国)


Sorry! :sob: The next few days are going to be completely insane, but I will try to find time to make a thread! Then I actually have to finish the first volume (I read 6/8 chapters on my computer), though I might want to start from the beginning in print and scrutinize it more, since I know I missed some things in my quick read through.

How was it?


Wowowow, take it easy, then, it’s not a big deal! :sweat_smile:

:thinking: I really think the black and white format doesn’t do it justice. Plus some of the movement during action scenes was really hard to understand. So I do think anime might be a better medium, I’ll check it next.

About the story, I actually really like the setting! There’s a sense of timelessness that is quite interesting (the characters cannot really age or die, weather and environment never change, characters have no interest in changing their routine,…). That timelessness gets a bit central to the plot (so far, it’s still the “let’s meet everyone one group per chapter at a time” phase) so I guess I won’t go further into it.

The reading itself is quite hard, though. I think I voted “minimal effort” but I should really upgrade to “just right” instead :sweat_smile:


Haha, yeah next week for sure though. :grin:

That’s more or less what I expected. The animation was truly spectacular, and I didn’t think the manga would be able to portray it properly. The setting and world are really interesting like you said, so here’s hoping for a second season!

It’s good to know that some reading still challenges you. :wink:


I saw your edit. While that link does look better, @Raionus has mentioned that individual pages were supposed to disappear after the launch of floflo (on the 20th), so that link will be dead when we start reading :sweat_smile:
(Maybe Raionus can confirm)


Uups, sorry. I was totally not aware of this :confused:
(I thought the update should go online on 30th of january… ooh, the deadline has been moved to 20th of february)

But would it not be okay to change the link again as soon as the FloFlo update goes online?


Sure! It does look better this way.


My impression is that on Amazon, any other Amazons that are not the JP one buy from JP and then send it to you. That’s why usually shipping from an Amazon that’s closer to you might take longer than shipping from Amazon JP itself.

This is the same thing with online bookstores that tell you you’ll have to wait at least x days to get the book and then throw at you a big price tag.


I’m not sure if I’m going to manually be deleting those old links, I just won’t be making any more links like that. The new format would just look similar to this:

I just need to figure out how to add a relevant picture.

The only bad thing about linking to the old pages would be that none of the other list types are available (verbs only, etc.). I think it’ll be fine to just update the OP when the time comes though.


Idle thought: are you going to do a thread per chapter, or a thread per week?


That’s a good question :thinking:
Hm, I think, maybe one per chapter is easier for those who read it later? But the majority of readers will be active during the club, in which case one per week might be best… =P

So guess it really is down to preference :wink: