キッチン Home Thread (Intermediate Book Club)

Just wondering if anyone is interested in read aloud/live chat sessions for キッチン?
(Theoretically starting the Sunday after next)

  • Yes yes yes!
  • Thank you, but no thank you
  • Eh, maybe?
  • Depends on what time the sessions take place
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Haha, good idea to actually ask for this :joy_cat: I had just silently assumed that we’d continue reading in the same time slot (just as we carried this over from Kino to Konbini)… but of course we should check back with everybody.

(Heads up: If we stick with the current time, I won’t be able to participate throughout October, but from November the time will be more suitable for me.)


TFW you are fed up with BookLive’s reader not allowing you to copy stuff to paste in a dictionary, so you go through the hoops-and-loops of creating an amazon.co.jp account, buy キッチン, and then…




To let you know just in case, if you are fed up by Amazon JP at some point: Bookwalker (1) lets you look up stuff in a dictionary (but the built-In Apple dictionary on my ipad is… limited), and (2) lets you copy stuff so you can paste into some dictionary / website / whatever you like (although it’s a bit hoops-and-loops, but you can get there).

(Disclaimer: This ofc only works for books and not for manga, as manga are pictures.)


Thank you for advice. Usually I am very reticent to create even moar online accounts, but I thought this would be worth the trouble if I could just copy-paste… sighs.

Hmmm your mentioning of a hoop-and-loop scares me a bit. Is it like in booklive’s reader where you could technically copy-paste by using the “search with google” option, and then copying from the text box in google’s site? (booklive also limits how many characters will get searched for, which was annoying as hell too…)

I also recommend bookwalker, it’s what I exclusively use nowadays.
On web, you can simply drag the mouse above a sentence and a modal popup with what you selected will appear. I usually just use rikaikun here, but if you want to copy, I use Ctrl+Shift+C to get to the text in Google Chrome’s dev tools. Now that I think about it, creating a browser extension to give you a copy button isn’t hard.
On mobile, it’s the same way, but after you select text, I usually choose translate, it’ll open the text in Google Translate app and then I can copy it.

Sigh… How come this stuff isn’t 100x easier.


Yes, exactly… sigh
I don’t know about length limits though, I usually only copy single words.

I suspect you’re on Android, then? On my iPad, there is no “translate” to be seen, it only has “Dict” (which works with the built-in dictionary which cannot look up conjugated verbs, so its usefulness is limited), “Share” (which can theoretically share to various apps, but when I tried with Daijirin, it only shared the word キッチン no matter what I selected :joy_cat:) and “Search” which gives me the selected text in a box from which I can then copy. So it’s a bit of a nuisance, but I take it as a hint to just learn faster :wink:


Yeah I’m on Android. I sometimes also use share to put it in Google Keep so that I can copy it from there. It’s insane that there’s no COPY button. Come on :joy:

It actually works, you just have to select only the verb stem and not the whole conjugation. Like this:
Usually the right part is already highlighted so you can look it up directly without having to move the cursor around.


Isn’t there literally built in dictionaries though? Both J-E and J-J

Edit: maybe kindle for pc only or something

Hmm… I’m getting mixed results, so that’s why I’d still consider it “not really working”.

I.e. I get no definition when there is a small つ after the kanji, e.g.


If the initial kanji is a word in itself, I can often look the kanji up on its own (if only to get the reading), but if not, I’m back to copying the whole word to the dictionary.

Also, when the verbs are kinda “derived”, e.g. in passive or potential, they are not found, although Jisho often has them as separate entries, e.g.

呼ばれた (tried 呼ば and 呼ばれ here, to no avail)

Edit: But agreed, when the part is the ます-stem, then it mostly works (I guess because that usually is a noun in itself), so that’s at least some relief.

呼ば and all examples above work for me. (Using the built-in dictionary from iOS).

I didn’t know that! Thanks @Myria!


That’s really interesting. Now, where is the difference? :wink:
My dictionaries are called:
J-J: スーパー大辞林
J-E: ウィズダム英和辞典 / ウィズダム和英辞典

Or maybe they changed something in iOS? I’m still on quite an old version (erm… iOS 10) with this old iPad, I was afraid it might get super-slow with the new iOS. But if this can be improved with a new iOS version, that would definitely be worthwhile.

All versions of kindle should have the dictionary as far as I’m aware(the android version definitely does, at least), but as you probably know there are some words it can’t handle (mostly conjugated verbs), so I’m guessing they may have wanted to look up some of those words.

I have the same dictionaries, but iOS v12. So it might be the reason.

So, just dragging the conversation back to reading aloud…

Several books ago we started with two sessions, one of which was a sensible time for North Americans, and one of which worked better for people in Japan or slightly west thereof. Last book this had shrunk just to the later session (starting 9:30pm Japan time). However, I am wondering if we might change this back to two sessions: One at 8:00pm Japan time (earlier than the most recent group), which might work for all the Australians and not just me on the west coast, should still be ok for anyone in Japan, and is doable for Europeans and in-betweeners - then another session at a time which suits North American readers (hopefully allowing more than just the east coasters to participate).

  • I’d prefer the earlier time (= 8pm Japan time)
  • I’d prefer a later time (to be determined depending on who is interested)
  • I’d prefer to keep the existing time (= 9:30pm Japan time)
  • I have another suggestion, see below
  • This sounds complicated, 頑張ってね。
  • Ooh yay, another poll! Clickety click!

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Thanks for the suggestion, that approach seems somewhat flexible at least. I think I will give it a try with the next book I get.

My feelings exactly =._.=

Yep, it has a few built-in, but for some reason my Kindle app for Windows refuses to download them >.< I need to google around to figure out what the problem is.

However, the main reason I want to copy-paste is because most built-in dictionaries I’ve used have trouble with conjugated verbs, and many times can’t find expressions or idioms like jisho can. Also, from time to time I want to copy full sentences to see ichi.moe or jisho’s take on how the sentence should be parsed…


I just updated, and now it indeed finds the conjugated verbs for me as well! :tada:

What a relief! Thanks to @Myria and @Naphthalene for pointing it out :slight_smile:


Any insights on the reading aloud session? I could try to do Sunday night if you move it to 8 pm JST (but no longer than an hour, need to get up early on Monday).
But don’t let your judgement get swayed by my interjection :wink:

Ha, as it turns out, I realised I have events to attend the next two Sunday evenings, so the earlier time will not be possible for me until at least the 3rd week. :expressionless: I would love to still read/discuss if anyone is available a bit later to do so.
I am happy to do either time after that, depending on who wants to join me. :smiley:

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