ゆるキャン△ Vol. 7 🏕

This area with the tunnel really has some atmosphere, looks like something from a Ghibli movie.


Oh, quite. I thought so too. :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s so freaking picturesque. Insanely cozy vibes in that stretch of road.

This visual-heavy chapters are v nice to read through if only because there’s a certain ethereal quality in the way that Afro-sensei captures environments. I’ve been getting into a lot of Sengoku Jidai content lately and it’s always interesting to think about how these winding river/mountain paths were manuevered before the advent of vehicles.

also bear why pls no


Oof, I’m quite late this week, sorry.

39 - 一人のキャンプ

Start date: May 15th

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This week’s chapter is the remainder of anime episode 8.

No locations to comment on this week - everything takes place in Nadeshiko’s vicinity, and I linked that last week.

Page 107, what’s this グミ thing that requires only five seconds to cook? The dictionary says “oleaster”, which clarifies basically nothing for me (and also “gummi”, as in gummi bears, but it’s probably not that). (Also, Yen Press has translated 湿らせた新聞紙とアルミホイル as “a mix of foil and newspaper”. Did… did Ms Tamosaitis misread that first kanji as 混? But even so, what is she imagining that 混らせた is supposed to be read as?)

Page 109, today I realised that the “younger girl” I mentioned last week is actually a younger boy…

Page 112, is it possible the avocado is fairly average because she’s presumably pulling it off at the 30-minute mark despite it only listed as requiring ten minutes to cook? I wouldn’t really know. I find avocado to be fairly average either way.

Page 113, for some reason, it never really ocurred to me that the ~ぽい suffix might actually have a negative conjugation. Had to look up what ぽくない was supposed to be.

Page 123, probably a good thing that the reception is iffy in this area, because if they’d received Nadeshiko’s message here, it would have given the whole game away.

Page 132, heh, the scooter’s gradually getting more and more irritated.


Last main story chapter of the book… already?? How far behind am I.

40 - 野クルの伊豆キャン計画

Start date: May 22nd

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This week’s chapter largely comprises about the first fifth of anime episode 9, save that (a) anything relating to the firewood distribution, both directly and peripherally, has been omitted, and (b) the scene with Ena at the kombini has been moved to the end of the episode, after the closing credits.

Back at school again. No new locations to report. Well, except for wherever Aki and Toba-sensei go on page 151-153, but that’s generic enough that I wouldn’t have a hope of guessing where it is, save that it’s somewhere near Ochii Station. Hmm.

Page 136, the firewood distribution is real, though the latest batch is already finished (a bit over a month ago, actually).

Page 144, the Yen Press edition has, not for the first time, rendered 下田 as “Kusada”. Dear Ms Tamosaitis, there are many cities, towns and villages in Japan named 下田. Not one of them is named くさだ. It’s しもだ, every single time. くさ isn’t even a reading for 下.

Page 149, this may be the first time I’ve ever seen two characters share a birthday, and it actually gets brought up in the work.

Page 150, Oshio Heihachiro was a revolutionary against the Tokugawa Shogunate.

Page 154, until I watched the anime, I genuinely had no idea who Ena was speaking to here. Guess it had been a while since I saw her in the appropriate context…

Proper nouns

Page 136 (the shot of the website down the bottom):

Page 150:

Page 153:


That’s a good question. :stuck_out_tongue:


Page 150 was hilarious :joy: First their expressions then the “大塩コンビ”.

Page 143, I want to make this kind of expression too, but hoooow ;-;


Her face is literally c: or ÒuÓ


What’s the number of the last manga page of the 番外編?

  1. But don’t forget to read the inside-cover strips too. :slightly_smiling_face:

Now I wont forget. :smiley:

However I’m a bit confused. :sweat_smile: Either I’m missing pages or the reading schedule is wrong. With the 2 pages inbetween chapters and the last page being 176 I’m counting 20 pages, not 32.

Well, I got my answer: I was almost two volumes behind. I have now reached the first chapter of this volume, so I’m a bit less than one volume behind :upside_down_face:
One thing that I realized recently while reading ヨコハマ買い出し紀行 is that I hate reading manga on a screen. It made it painfully obvious that it’s the reason why I’m not enjoying ゆるキャン△ so much right now. I guess I have to buy the remaining volumes again, in paper format this time…

番外編 - へやキャン△

Start date: May 29th

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I think nobody confirmed the page numbers, so I just left the page count as it was for the last volume as a best guess.


And I’m caught up! Weeeeeeee!
It’s been 84 years…


All done. Not much to comment on really, though.

Lots of 分かる and 知ってる going on, mind.


Now I really want to eat some food while the earth is being destroyed


I feel like it would taste too great and my brain would fry.


イヌ子さん sure likes her 作り話 hehe


Random quiz time! The reading and meaning of 初々しい is…?


:police_car: :ambulance: :fire_engine:
(it’s fine to get apprehended by the police, since you are pure/innocent)


Now everytime I read this word I have a siren in my head :smiley:
The good thing is I will probably never forget this again!