ゆるキャン△ Vol. 7 🏕

And we are off!

35 - なでしこのソロキャン計画

Start date: April 17th

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This week’s chapter is the first half of anime episode 7 (though the cold open is the first page of chapter 36 instead, making this chapter a sort of flashback).

Not much to comment on besides that, though. We’re back at school, so nothing by way of new locations. Don’t think I tripped over anything much either. (Though, what’s with the 犬どもは見た。 poster on the desK? And who set up Rin-chan’s portable grill for that joke at the start? :stuck_out_tongue: )


グルグルマップ :earth_asia: :ok_hand:

I tripped over this word: けそう on page 11… get it? hehe


I love that there is a dedicated word for traveling with ones bike on public transport 輪行.

I love that Rin opened up and got a liking for camping with others and now Nadeshiko is also trying out solo camping. I’m looking forward to her solo trip and the conclusions she derives from it.


I guess we are going on a walk this week?

36 - なでしこさんぽとしまりんさんぽ

Start date: April 24th

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This week’s chapter is the middle third of anime episode 7 - it doesn’t last all the way to the end of the episode, even though they’ve added a montage showing Nadeshiko actually planning the trip. It’s a nice addition, though.

I actually got a headstart on this chapter. I picked up a copy of Manga Time Kirara Forward for reading practice during my trip in… 2018, probably, and this chapter happened to be in it.

Travelling again!

As is probably fairly apparent, Nadeshiko starts at Nishi-Fujinomiya Station.

Rin starts at Akasawa. You can get here by bus from Minobu Station - the whole place looks extremely pretty, and it’s going right on my list of places to visit. Having trouble working out precisely where she’s standing at the top of page 34, but at the bottom, she’s somewhere around here. Then she retires to the Shimizu-ya Cafe. They do actually sell mamemochi, though I’m not sure how much it costs - website doesn’t say. 白鳳みそ is an actual specialty of Hayakawa.

Meanwhile, Nadeshiko heads for the actual Fujinomiya Shrine, though it’s not called Fujinomiya but Fujisan Hongu Sengen Taisha (I can see Fuji-san!). Fairly sure the store where she sees people eating yakisoba on page 42 is Fujinomia Yakisoba Antenna Shop, but either way, that’s definitely the road she’s walking down.

Rin’s next stop is the Great Cedar of Yushima - I think I’ll leave pinpointing the various panels of pages 43-45 as an exercise for the reader (there’s only one road connecting the two locations).

Nadeshiko stops for lunch at Okonomiyakishokudo Ito - it’s a pretty fair walk from where she was before. Rin passes Narada Lake, before parking at Sotoryo Temple (and oh boy, this looks like another lovely place to visit).

Will Nadeshiko even get lunch? What exactly is shigure-yaki? What’s Rin doing at Sotoryo Temple? Find out next week!

Page 44, according to the translators notes in the Yen Press translation (hey! You got something right!) カド街 is a reference to アド街.

Page 46 final panel, I never had the foggiest idea why Rin’s going ん? here until I watched the anime, because in the anime it’s more obvious that Rin’s looking at the car, and the car is also exactly the same colour as Sakura’s.

Proper nouns:

Page 34:
赤沢宿=あかさわしゅく (though it’s given furigana on page 36 anyway, so I probably didn’t need to include it here)

Page 36:

Page 46:

Page 49:


Kotatsu yokai durtle



God Akasawa looks so aesthetically cozy, I love it. Will def need to do a winter visit there next time I manage to get to Japan.

One of these days I’ll also try out a proper kotatsu in proper kotatsu weather. I had a slightly goofy idea last winter of using an IKEA table, blankets, and a space heater for a makeshift kotatsu but that never happened lmao


I stayed at Yunomine Onsen in December 2017, and I very nearly based my accomodation requests on which ryokan mentioned in their advertising that they have a kotatsu.

In the end, I did not. Still haven’t tried a kotatsu…


So many questions left unanswered! Thanks, as always, for your informative posts.


lmao finishing up this chapter and I got a good chuckle out of reading 「斉藤バイト」


37 - カフェとしぐれと一人旅

Start date: May 1st

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This week’s chapter is the last third of anime episode 7, and the first third of episode 8.

Everyone starts where they were last week, but Rin soon finds herself at Kagiya. Sakura then heads up to Naradanosato Onsen, while Rin continues on her way.

Nadeshiko shops at Potato (“Welcome friends, I am POTATO.” heh) which she presumably passes on her way back to the train station. Then she heads to Fujikawa Station, presumably following this route (which slightly raises the question: did she get off the train purely to eat shigure-yaki?).

She camps at Nodayama Health Ryokuchi Park, which according to Google Maps is 5.5km walk from Fujikawa Station, just as Nadeshiko says here.

And Rin’s stuck at a closed gate. Not again! I’ve found where this is, but I’m gonna hold off on posting it until next week, because the Street View of this ruins the cliffhanger a bit.

Page 58, isn’t shigure-yaki just Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki?

Page 62, this exchange makes me think that 原付の旅 is a real, possibly documentary-style, show. Anyone know what? Googling is… inconclusive, unless I’m just misunderstanding the results I’m getting.

Page 65, interesting that Rin’s phone goes ヴー but Sakura’s goes ブー. Maybe they put them down on different surfaces.

Page 68, first panel, the Yen Press translation has Nadeshiko saying “I made it to Fujinomiya”…

Proper nouns
Page 68:


I mean you are talking about Nadeshiko that is not at all out of character


Yay, now I can finally watch another episode of the anime. :smiley:
I should probably watch the live-action as well to bridge the gaps. Season 2 started recently.


Ooo. I did not know that.


This is riffing on キノの旅, a show about a biker and her talking motorbike as they go on episodic adventures where they explore different towns and countries in a fantasy world. I recall there being some joke made comparing the series to Rin.

She’s a rabid little food gremlin and I love her for it. She even talks about how Rin’s way to pass the time while solo camping was with reading and how her own is, naturally, going to involve food lmao

I’m also impressed/intimidated by seeing okonomiyaki that gets MOUNTAINS of stuff piled onto it. I’ve been making okonomiyaki at home since it’s fairly easy, cheap, and filling, but the hardest part is def flipping things. I’m assuming the yakisoba is already cooked and is just added to get warmed up on the griddle?


I’ve seen that. I distinctly don’t recall any episodes set in East Japan, West Japan or overseas. I really do feel like it’s meant to be a travel documentary, like last chapter’s カド街/アド街 or something.

Oh I just noticed the post for the next chapter is not up yet. This post is about chapter 38.

Did I understand that correctly the road has been closed for over 10 years, because it was damaged all the time by typhoons and the city did not think it was worth it?

For the bear hand recipe you really need to whole day, I wonder how bear hand tastes Oo.

So do you guys think both Rin and Nadeshikos sister will show up at the camping ground?

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