ゆるキャン△ Vol. 5 🏕

A little late, but here’s the new week.

25 - 大晦日のソロキャンガール

Start date: January 9th

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I misunderstood last week how far Rin’s initial Izu plans were from her actual final destination in this chapter, so for the purposes of completion: Izu (though the name also refers to the whole peninsula), Nishiizu, Minamiizu, Shimoda, Numazu, Ito, Amagi, Nishiizu Skyline, Hita, Mihamamisaki.

This week, Rin starts the chapter at the Omaezaki Lighthouse. Can’t tell if the paw prints in the wall on page 36 actually exist (though I don’t see why they wouldn’t) - street view is lacking in the area, and there’s no photo sphere which shows it.

The tea house Rin visits on page 37 is Kimikura. They do, in fact, have a cafe on the second floor. Here is a video of a YouTuber visiting the place (because it was in Yuru Camp - don’t watch earlier parts of the video if you don’t want spoilers for later parts of this volume). 秘蔵 does appear to be a real tea blend, but it’s read as ひぞう. The lady suggests Rin watch the sunrise from the Fukude Coast, and you can see the torii gates in photos of the place (pretty sure she actually does go here later on, sooo… advance warning?)

Mitsuke Tenjin is here. Doggy. Doggymikuji - looks rather different to the one in the manga.

Rin stays at Ryuyokaio Park Auto Camping Ground. The building she comments on being a sento is here, and in most photos, it’s quite hard to tell that there’s a sento there at all… then you get this. The gazebo at the bottom of page 48 is… one of these.

She finishes up at Kaketsuka Lighthouse, before heading back to her tent for dinner.

Page 35, so 枚 is still the counter for photos even when they’re digital, huh?

Page 53, the page http://umm2/oa sadly doesn’t exist, but surprisingly I actually get a 404 page, albeit one in Chinese.

Proper Nouns:

Page 36:

Page 38:
夜叉神峠=やしゃじんとうげ (visited back in volume 3)
福田=ふくで (Rin uses the hiragana for this later in the panel anyway)

And, uh… that’s surprisingly it.


I just watched the first episode of the second season of the anime and just now realized we catched up. :open_mouth: Though which chapter was the one with young Rin in the first half of the episode? :thinking:

It’s an anime-original, at least as far as volume nine, thought the premise is consistent with what Rin told Nadeshiko when they were at Lake Shibire.

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Thanks, I didn’t think of that. I thought I forgot or missed it

It occured to me that Rin drove around two hundred kilometres. I seem to recall her fretting about just 120 km a few volumes ago…


is that 悉平太郎 watching over her on the last panel of p 46? she gets excellent luck in the fortune and everything

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Trying to make more of an effort to engage in the threads as I’m reading, rather than after the fact so I still have Yuru Camp on the brain!

As always, loving these breakdowns for each chapter @Belthazar. It’s giving me that good pain to see these locations on Google Maps and wishing I could visit Japan again ASAP.

That’s… an odd translation. Is Yen Press always this bad? Like, I get wanting to keep the integrity of the original text but… what?

That cafe looks fantastic, def gotta put together a Yuru Camp visit list. Still, might be a bit uh… hard without a car. I have no idea how Rin manages this on a moped. I imagine that Japan is a little more lax with mopeds on their highways? I wouldn’t even think to get one here in the US because I’d fear for my life constantly.

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Mostly it’s sensible English, but yeah, the further we get, the more lines I spot that aren’t really the same as what it says in Japanese.

Pretty sure she’s avoiding the highways.

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She’s not allowed on the highways.

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Oh duh of course, that would make sense. For some reason I had it in my head that everybody’s just more careful or something???

That’s even more impressive/daunting with how much driving she’s done if she’s not taking highways.

I’m getting behind this club again :sweat_smile:

26 - 一年のはじまり

Start date: January 16th

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Anyone who’s intending to read the manga before watching the anime: this chapter covers the entirety of episode two, so it’s now safe to watch.

Rin, as previously mentioned, watches the sunrise from Fukude Coast.

Aki-chan-tachi, meanwhile, watch the sunrise from Mount Minobu, which looks like a nice place to visit any time. They then attempt to view Diamond Fuji from Takaori, probably here specifically. It takes fifty-one minutes to drive there from the car park at the bottom of the Minobu-san Ropeway, so since they still needed to descend said ropeway after watching the sunrise at 7:00, they would have been hard-pressed to make it there even by 7:50.

The poem-stone mentioned on page 81 is here.

(Fun fact: My research into Diamond Fuji spots suggested that Mount Minobu is also one such spot, but only in November and late Jan to early Feb. The ropeway opens before sunrise at those times too, same as New Years Day. You can also see Diamond Fuji from the Lake Motosu campground, but I’m not too clear on the exact timeframe - one website I’ve checked seems to imply that it’s early Dec to early Jan. If the air is still enough, you can also see the reflection in Lake Motosu - that’s called Double Diamond Fuji.)

Just to check: Chibi-Inuko was in the omake strips last volume, but this is her first appearence in the manga proper, right?

I’ve had amazake once, in Yanaka Ginza. Think it wasn’t really for me, but maybe I’ll try it again if I find myself watching the sunrise on New Years Day in Japan sometime. Kinda wanna try the yuba dango too. Lemme just leave this here…

Question, @Naphthalene: if Nadeshiko is handing people stacks of New Years cards here, what was she doing last chapter sticking them in mailboxes?

Page 82, in this sequence, the anime shows Toba-sensei doing drifts around the corners, Inuko and Chibi-Inuko being thrown from side to side in the back seat… at 20km/hr (= about 12 mph). I couldn’t help but roll my eyes.

Proper nouns:

Page 68:
藤田=ふじた (family name)

Page 71:
身延山=みのぶさん (it’s written on the sign in the second panel, but it’s also used in dialogue on page 80)

Page 80:

Page 81:
高村光太郎=たかむらこうたろう (person’s name)


I haven’t read the last chapter yet (hence my “I’m taking my time” answer in the poll), so I’m not sure I understand the question. You mean she is delivering cards now? Or giving new cards to people?
Uh, I should probably check the book.

Probably. :stuck_out_tongue:

Last chapter, she was sticking fairly thin-looking envelopes in peoples’ mailboxes. This chapter, which is actually New Years Day, she’s shown handing a fairly chonky bundle of what appears to be new years’ cards tied up with string directly to a person standing in their doorway. So if she’s delivering new years’ cards now, what was she delivering before?

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The thin ones (on page 41 for example) are regular letters. She is delivering regular mail as well as 年賀状 (which are the one coming in a bundle)


I just learned 串, so I was pretty happy that I was able to understand the wordplay on 苦死 as (what I assume to be) a New Year’s greeting. I’ve never really been interested much in dango, but that’s because I’ve never really liked sweetened rice cakes all that much. Had a lot of them around as a kid cause of Filipino relatives, but I can’t imagine they’re all that different. That said, seeing it roasted like that does look enticing…

The mountaintop looks like such a cool place to spend New Year’s Day, tho I’ll be honest a year of quarantine has me mildly anxious at seeing the jammed-in visitors haha.

That two-page spread of the sunrise was really nice; can’t wait to see what it looks like in the anime. Although it’s not mindblowing scenery or detail, I still appreciate the way Afro-sensei frames shots like this. He does a great job of creating cozy atmospheric mise-en-scènes that the anime always manages to translate beautifully into color, sound, and motion.

It’s cute how Rin is just as much of a glutton as Nadeshiko, she just tries to hide it.

Dialogue-light chapter so I was actually able to finish it one go, haha. Excited to see the episode tonight, seems like it’ll be a comfy one.

Also, Aki deadpan never fails to make me laugh