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Start Date: 2nd January
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Reading Schedule

Start Date             Chapter                                                              Page Numbers   Page Count
January 2nd 24 - 帥走のお仕事、みんなのお休み 3 - 30 28
January 9th 25 - 大晦日のソロキャンガール 33 - 56 24
January 16th 26 - 一年のはじまり 59 - 86 28
January 23rd 27 - 海と湖とたなぼたキャンプ 89 - 112 24
January 30th 28 - 改めて思ったこと 115 - 142 28
February 6th 番外編 - へやキャン△ 145 - 176 32


There will be participation polls throughout this discussion thread as we reach each chapter :slightly_smiling_face:


27 ends on 112, you’ve omitted the chapter number for 28, and へやキャン ends on 176. Otherwise it’s fine.


ニャンコ寺参りいつ? :cat2:

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Wow it’s that time of the year already!
Well, I do have volume 5 and I’m up to date, for once. Such a nostalgic feeling.
Let’s go!

24 - 帥走のお仕事、みんなのお休み

Start date: January 2nd

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Back to having real-world locations to research! Yay! Though not, admittedly, a great deal of it this week.

I couldn’t really hope to guess where Nadeshiko is at on pages 3-5, but the building shown at the top of page 7 is Minobu Post Office, albeit rather fisheyed. On page 8, they’re presumably sitting somewhere by the Hagii River, but there’s no street view there, so it’s not too easy to pinpoint.

On page 17, Aoi mentions she’s heading for Takayama - sometimes called (as Rin does in the same panel) Hida-Takayama, to differentiate it from several other places that are also named Takayama. Nadeshiko’s heading for Hamanako, but since (spoiler alert) we’ll actually be seeing it later, I won’t link it now. Ditto for Rin and Izu.

I’ve previously posted where Aki and Aoi work, but I’m trying to remember… have we seen Rin’s workplace in the manga before? Not… not that I can find it in the real world, though - there’s a few bookshops in the area, but none of them really resemble this one. The manga does show her walking home again, so perhaps it’s somewhere near Kai-Tokiwa Station. Assuming it wasn’t simply invented out of whole cloth.

So, Yen Press has translated Aki and Nadeshiko’s おつかれ on page 16 to “Good stuff working.” “Good stuff to you too.”, and… like, is that even proper English? Some sort of weird Americanism? Or is there something odd about their おつかれ that I’m just not spotting?

Also, Saito’s request to omit パクチー from the toshikoshi pho on page 25 has been translated as “bok choi”. Bok choi is パクチョイ - パクチー is coriander/cilantro. Like, you’re missing the whole joke of how there’s people out there who simply cannot stand coriander.

Page 30, just to check my understanding of something: 悉平太郎 and 早太郎 are different names for the same dog, right? Yen Press (and I really gotta stop making comparisons with Yen Press) says they’re friends instead.


Dunno why, this weeks reading felt a lot harder than usual, but it’s good to be reading along again

yeah that’s how I understood it as well


Done! Let me know if you have any other requests :sparkles:


Ohhhh dang, almost missed the start on this! 2021 is the YEAR OF YURU CAMP.


Thanks as always! :purple_heart:

These place names are killing me… It seems the vocab sheet has trailed off a bit but it might be worth resurrecting as a location reference.

Well, at least for now, here are all the new or not-often-seen-before proper nouns in this chapter:

Page 4: (these ones are all family names)

Page 17:

Page 18:

Page 21:

Page 27:

Page 29:

Page 30:
見付天神=みつけてんじん (this one’s a shrine rather than a place name)

Let me know if I missed any.


Wow this is great! Thank you!

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Actually, the vocab sheet is up-to-date again. I’ve been filling the missing chapters as I read them and I just caught up with volume 5 :smile:

But this was a hard chapter even with Belthazar’s help.

I think this should be 御浜岬(みはまみさき)


*Cough* That’s what it says in my post. Did you misread? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, I blame Yen Press for that one. I had a flip through the English version for any proper nouns I missed, and that’s how they translated it. I was wondering why the IME wasn’t giving me the right kanji. Actually, there’s another one coming up next chapter which I was going to mention when we got to it, but I guess I can bring it up now: 夜叉神峠 (Yashajin Pass) gets mentioned in dialogue, which Rin visited earlier in volume 3. Despite translating it correctly that time (probably because it’s written in English letters on the street sign even in the Japanese version), here in volume 5 it gets written as “Yasha Shrine”. Did… did Ms Tamosaitis get as far as the 神 and just stop reading?

I should probably stop ranting about Yen Press all the time. Maybe I should ask them for a job. :slightly_smiling_face:


That sounds reasonable, actually :thinking: I wonder how much work it would be (and how much I would be paid for it), but you make it sound like it would be quite easy to meet their quality standard.
(Getting really sidetracked, but I honestly considered trying to be a freelance translator on the side a few years ago, but I failed to meet the requirements in terms of English quality… :frowning_face: Sadly, no one seems to be looking for Japanese->French translators either)


Picking up on the reading after catching episode 1 of the new season, and I was wondering what the deal is with the old woman commenting on Nadeshiko delivering letters. Is this a common enough sight / part-time job for kids in December?

That aside, it’s honestly pretty gratifying to come back to reading manga and seeing how much more kanji I’ve picked up (and forgotten…). Still not quite at an unbroken reading pace yet, but definitely much smoother than when I started.

It’s a small personal victory, but I’m really happy that I was able to understand the number joke (which is such a Nadeshiko problem haha).

Watching the show and reading the manga in tandem really shows how much the anime stretches out just one chapter. Not that I’d say it’s a bad thing, really, although it is a bit odd that some things get omitted.

In the end tho I understand why things were truncated, especially with an anime-only viewership in mind. I was pretty okay with seeing chibi-Rin. Not a bad way to ease viewers back in to the show and it bookended nicely with the last scene between Rin and Nadeshiko.

Even though it’s mostly repeating what we already knew/learned from S1, I’d argue it was needed to settle the audience back into the series, as opposed to manga readers for whom there wasn’t nearly as much of a delay.


Around the end of December, yes. There’s a tradition of sending a letter for New Year to everyone you know. Everyone I know is sending 50~100 such letters. Obviously, they are all sent at the same time.


Think it’s more that they’re all delivered at the same time. You can send them in advance.


I meant the same period. I don’t think people would send them more than two weeks before. It’s also possible to send them a few days later (usually when you receive someone else’s letter and realize you forgot them).

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