ゆるキャン△ Vol. 3 🏕

Unfortunately not. :frowning_face: But I did see a hand-drawn version where someone replaced the horn with a skull. :laughing:


None of the places I have drove to in Japan with that sign had a sidewalk, so I doubt that would happen often :joy:
It’s one of my favorite street sign, by the way, since it’s the only time I get to honk :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been there (I think, or at list a similar road in the same area)! It was insanely stressful.

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Haha, probably not on that road. :smile: The only reason I mentioned pedestrians was because I watched this video of someone driving on a narrow street through a residential area in 大阪府寝屋川市, and there were a few pedestrians along the way.

That part seems like fun, but probably not for people living nearby them.

As for the mountain road, although it looks really pretty, I’m not sure how excited I would be to drive it. Nighttime would be especially nerve-wracking.

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I forget in which but in one of the Yurukyan threads I was talking to somebody about mono. It’s 50% off on Bookwalker right now if you’re interested in getting it for later. I think I’m going to pick it up.


Time to get some recommendations.
(If it’s not obvious, my comments are only based on the title of the week; last week, I was way off :joy:)

16 - おすすめ!なでしこナビ

Start date: September 19th

  • I’m reading along :books:
  • I’m taking my time :camping:
  • I’m dropping out :no_good_man: :no_good_woman:

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Super rough couple of weeks for me work-wise, as my job had a lot of big things moving that required me to be on-call and left me exhausted by the end of the day. I’m also doing the Kiki’s Delivery Service book club right now, which has been a rough deal to try and keep current, so my YK reading has taken a hit. Just barely reached the end of Chapter 13…

At the very least, I’m reasonably able to get through a YK chapter in a day, so catching up is never really a concern. I just hate missing all the location discussions haha.

Oh hell yeah! It was probably me, because I loved the cover art haha. I’d love to have it on-hand even if I won’t read it soon. Afro’s art is fantastic and it’d be neat to skim.


At the opening of the chapter, Rin is at Tsuetsuki Pass (the best comparative shot is probably this one. The view is looking north-east to north over Chino and Suwa - you can just make out Lake Suwa in the third panel of page 67. I think.

The locations that Nadeshiko mentions on page 69 panel 3 are Mount Komagatake and Takato Castle Park.

Page 71, きのこ帝国 might be きのこ王国, which Google is tragically saying is permanently closed. Not sure how many of the features Nadeshiko lists are real, aside from eating mushroom dishes. Side note, there is a きのこ帝国 in Hokkaido. Page 72, 千畳敷カール is here. Regarding the ropeway, if I’m understanding this page correctly, you can’t park near the ropeway station - the bus from the nearest car park costs 1660 yen return, while the ropeway costs 2540 yen return, for a total of 4200 yen, a bit more than what’s quoted in the manga. Not cheap. Though apparently the Komagatake Ropeway has the greatest vertical separation and the highest-altitude upper station in the country.

Page 81, the わんこ寺 is 宝積山光前寺, and this one’s definitely going on my list of places to visit. The outdoor goods store that Nadeshiko mentions in passing could possibly be this one.

Page 90, the onsen that Chiaki suggests is Gero Onsen, though the marker in the manga seems to be over here instead. It’s about 120km from where Rin is now. Interestingly, the shortest route passes fairly close to Ena, the city from which Saito takes her given name. There’s actually a few onsen within easy walk of Kouzenji. (Yen Press has translated the name as “Shinagawa”. How… how does 下呂 even slightly resemble 品川? Is… is there a different edition which has something else written there.)

Page 67, according to the anime, Nadeshiko’s emoji in the first panel is pronounced しゅ~ in a high-pitched voice.

Page 79, any idea who that is in the background of panel 4?

Page 86, I’ve always been amused at how the dogs all turn to face her.

Oh, these cliffhangers! Will Chiaki’s houtou meet the approval of Nadeshiko’s family? Will Rin finally reach an onsen? Find out next week - same yuru time, same yuru channel!


I think this might be Takeda Shingen (武田信玄). There is a statue of him in 甲府市 that looks very similar to the person in the comic.

Also, the Takeda 家紋 matches the one on the helmet and banners.

There is also a connection between Takeda Shingen and ほうとう, the dish that Chiaki is making. The Wikipedia article for ほうとう states:

Another prevalent theory suggests that hōtō was invented by local warlord Takeda Shingen. The redevelopment of industry and commerce after World War II made tourism the prefecture’s most profitable enterprise, and the image of Takeda Shingen was used frequently to promote the area’s regional products. Locals sought to popularize hōtō as a tourist food by advertising it as the meal consumed by Takeda Shingen and his soldiers before each battle. Modern-day tourists can enjoy hōtō in numerous local restaurants and in rather unlikely locations such as coffee shops and ice cream parlors.


Two days late, but… I have a question about page 55.

Why 行かれる and not just 行く? I know the Japanese passive isn’t the same as our passive, but I am only familiar with the ‘stuff being done to you’ and ‘stuff impacting you negatively’ nuances. How am I to interpret it here?


The passive form of a verb can also be used to speak politely about someone else’s actions. Here is a brief explanation I found through Google.


After looking at the photos I would also visit :ok_hand: (Maybe the super cute doggo mikuji fortune thingies are for real…? :eyes: )

Too bad the sign doesn’t have the same warning as shown on page 82. Maybe it used to? Since it looks like there’s space for one on top.


EDIT: wait a bit… is the pole sticking out on top not attached to the sign but something in the background?!! :joy:


Aye, they’re definitely real.


Can I just… buy all of them


I don’t see why not. You just need 24,000 yen.


Almost same price as wk lifetime :eyes::sweat_drops: :money_with_wings: :money_with_wings:


I laughed so hard when Aki realized she was going to make noodles for the whole Kagamihara family :rofl: also love how the expectation just kept rising up until the older sister arrived :laughing:

I can feel Rin’s struggle with the cute omikuji…

p.87 - I’m trying to parse「この犬どもめ」
この - this
犬 - dog
ども - as in 共?
め - what is this め?


It’s a derogatory suffix for referring to others. I often see it translated as “you bastard” in anime, but I think it isn’t necessarily as violent or otherwise can express different degrees of frustration. If you’ve seen Teasing Master Takagi-san there’s a lot of たかがいさんめ in it.


… Er, no, I’ve got nothing this week.

17 - 早太郎と湯けむり駒々根の夜

Start date: September 26th

  • I’m reading along :books:
  • I’m taking my time :camping:
  • I’m dropping out :no_good_man: :no_good_woman:

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Rin opens this chapter at Hayataro Onsen Komakusa-no-yu - it’s about twenty minutes on foot from Kozenji, so a little bit closer than Gero. It costs 610 yen for adults, precisely what Aki quoted last chapter. The bath-and-meal combo ticket now costs 1100 yen (it’s shown close to the bottom of this page). The mini sauce katsudon costs 670 yen on its own, so 1100 is still not a bad deal. Not sure if this place even sells lo mein.

Rin’s final destination isn’t mentioned by name in this chapter, but it’s impossible for me to make my next observation without marking it on the map, so I’ma spoilerise this next line: After leaving, Rin heads to Jinbagatayama Campground. From Hayataro Onsen to Jinbagatayama Campground, it’s 52 minutes at regular car speeds.

Locations that Nadeshiko and Aki muse over: Raichosawa Campground (that’s near the Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine Route - I’ve done that, but it was too foggy at Murodo for me to do any sightseeing there), Lake Tanuki Campground (doesn’t seem to be one named Tanukiko-no-Mori)

No particular questions or comments on the text itself this week, except I really wanna go there and have sauce katsudon.

Though, page 109, Rin put her shoes back on at some point, right? She seems to be running out the door in slippers.

And another cliffhanger! Will Rin ever make it to her destination?