ゆるキャン△ Vol. 3 🏕

That’s a good point. I think the narration would still work even if it was written while Rin works on the pegs.

Same!! I love how this manga makes simple dishes look so good…


Does anyone know the significance of やるな浜松っ子 on page 149?

I’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt after that last road closure :stuck_out_tongue:
I definitely do stupid things I wouldn’t normally after that kind of stress…


I assumed this やるな was of the ‘Nice job!’ variety. Chiaki had been calling herself 梨っ子 (from 山梨), so she’s referring to Nadeshiko’s mom/family as 浜松っ子 (since they moved from 浜松). I’m not sure if there’s a connection between 浜松 and 餃子. I remember Nadeshiko used 餃子 in the hot pot she made some time ago though.


Aye, Hamamatsu is known for its gyoza. Guess Utsunomiya didn’t get the memo. :stuck_out_tongue:


And we are done with volume 3! :slight_smile: Still having a great time.
But I haven’t been able to secure volume 4 yet :scream:

番外編 - へやキャン△

Start date: October 10th

  • I’m reading along :books:
  • I’m taking my time :camping:
  • I’m dropping out :no_good_man: :no_good_woman:

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Whoever was looking for the explanation of マッチポップ in the vocab sheet for chapter 17, here was Belthazar’s explanation of its origin, and I added the actual meaning. Sorry for the trouble.


Oh, that was me. I completely forgot about that. Now I realize why nothing showed up with Yomichan or through the thread search:
It’s actually マッチポプ and not マッチポプ, which is how it was written in the vocab sheet (and in your post). :grin:

Thanks for clarifying, it’s a very curious word lol


This is basically the omake chapter, so… not much to say about it. Certainly no real-world connections.

I quite like the joke in the second strip. Took me far too long to figure out what ramen had to do with ボックスラーメン構造. It’s “rahmen”, German for “frame”.

Strip 4, talking is clearly not a free action when it comes to the 野クル.

Strip 9, why does Aoi deliver all her lines from behind the door? Actually, come to think of it, the final panels on pages 169 and 170 are identical.



World’s politest roar!?


Super late to the party so I’m just now catching up on everything, but I just wanted to say that I really appreciate these location commentaries, Belthazar. I’d be rushing through my reading to try and stay current, but now that I’ve more or less resigned to reading at a very slow pace (RIP two book clubs), I’m getting up to speed on the forum posts (which is the whole point of the book clubs isn’t it lmao).

What I particularly enjoy about following Rin’s routes through the alps here is seeing the scattered bits of homes, stores, and amenities for people that live here. I’m so enamored with the concept of people making unexpected / out-of-the-way locations habitable.

Sidenote: How do all of these outdoor stores look so cozily cluttered without being kitschy?!

Upon further inspection of one of the outdoor goods store that Nadeshiko mentioned in Chapter 16…

Just looking around...

Oh hello there.



Honestly, I mostly look it up because I might be interested in visiting myself, but once I’ve done the research, I might as well share it with everyone else. :slightly_smiling_face:

Heh. He’s all over the shop. In some of the photo spheres, there’s two of him.


I would love to plan some kind of trip based around these locations. Did a bit of anime sightseeing when I visited Kyoto, and doing one for Yuru Camp sounds like a lot of fun. Not sure how hard it would be to do as a visitor though, especially where vehicles are concerned…


Woah, what a slog this session was. I probably should have ‘read’ something else considering how rough today already was. (Especially knowing that I always struggle a lot with this manga thanks to weird font and all the location/food/camping equipment words)
Though, these pages in particular were full of unknown/weird vocab, I’m sure I retained absolutely nothing. :sweat_smile:


All the train lines in the area have about one service each way per hour, so it’s not completely out of the realms of possibility to at least visit the locations in towns without a car. And as the Eastwood Campground chapter showed, it’s possible to walk anywhere with sufficient determination.

But yeah, you’re gonna need your own transportation for places like Lake Motosu or Lake Shibire. I’m almost tempted to make up a custom Google map with all the locations marked, colour-coded by how far they are from the nearest train station…


Mood every time I see weird kanji. Though, I’m starting to get locations down at first glance, at least. I wonder how often native Japanese speakers would have to look these vocab up. Most of the words don’t have furigana, so I’d imagine that it’s common enough knowledge.

Oho, interesting… :eyes:

Yeah, if it comes down to it I’d just try to rent a bike, which I imagine would be several degrees easier than getting a vehicle.

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Just wondering, is the near lack of people being shown, staff included, something done for artistic effect to focus on Rin or are these places really this empty in the fall/winter but still running? I suspect it’s the former, but if it’s the latter that’s pretty neat. I would’ve guessed that these places closed in their offseason, similar to how tourist areas work in the US.

If YouTube videos I’ve come across are anything to go by, they’re not that empty at all, though considering a lot of the YouTube videos I’ve come across are people visiting these sites purely because they did it in Yuru Camp, it’s entirely possible that everyone else was there for the same reason.

The larger sites tended to be reasonably well-occupied in the drama episodes as well (necessitating the omission of Rin’s “how nice to have the place to myself” lines).

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“Oh wow the end of Chapter 17 is pretty easy to read, I think I’m get-” BACK-TO-BACK PAGES OF LOCATIONAL KANJI APPEAR


My rapid dash to technically finish this volume within the original window of time continues! Fun chapter. I love how much of a dork Rin is and how she’s letting that show with Nadeshiko. Haven’t seen the show since 2017, so the joke of the road closure being phrased as a sequel caught me off-guard and was legit hilarious.

Also, man, I wish the US was as moped friendly as Japan seems…


And done. :slightly_smiling_face: