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Thanks! So I should read it as しておこう + っと?

It seems pretty similar to っけ, right?



And it’s similar to っけ in the sense that you are talking to yourself, but the meaning is different. With っけ you are not sure about an information, or you forgot something. With っと, you are not sure about a decision, if you should do something.


Praise the sun for a new day week has come!

12 - 湖の夜とキャンプの人々

Start date: August 15th

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Once again, they’re still where we left them, but… from page 142, Lake Hamana is here, and Nadeshiko probably lived somewhere on or near Bentenjima - it’s the only place from which you can see Mount Fuji across lake Hamano that’s still within the borders of Hamamatsu City… plus, the bridge shown in the second panel is here.

I was in the middle of lamenting that I couldn’t hope to guess the location of the panel at the top of page 143, when I randomly decided to try one last location, plonked down the Street View man, and found this. This may not be the same location - this is the wrong side of the road, and from the correct side, Fuji appears to be behind the noise barrier (or perhaps it was just completely obscured by clouds that day), but it’s a rather pretty shot all the same. Rin’s comment doesn’t help - to get from Hamamatsu to Minobu via Shimizu, you’d have to go somewhat out of your way.

Not… not much else to comment on this week. Someone else get in here and make comments instead. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, wait, I do have one query: on page 128, Rin comments that Nadeshiko’s dish is more like nabe than soup, which Nadeshiko justifies by saying that since the meat is the main dish, her ingredents needed to be a step below. But surely the side dish should be soup, and nabe would be a main dish?


I don’t know. I feel like nabe (especially with a lot of vegetables) would match meat better than soup :thinking: but yes, nabe could be a main dish (if it was bigger I guess)


My favorite panel this chapter is the Blanket Secret Society :laughing:

Hides spoiler just in case because why not (page 138)

I like how Nadeshiko got so excited about the yummy meat that she ended up putting too much on top of the tiny grill.
Nadeshiko: じゃんじゃん行くよーっ image
image Rin-chan: じゃんじゃん のせすぎた。


Well, this chapter was some excellent exercise for my salivary glands… drooling out of my mind


Yay, I’m back and caught up. Hello again everyone :wave:


One question about this week’s reading!

Page 137

It is simple, but the little bit of flavour is effective and delicious…?

I am a bit confused about ほんのり. To me it doesn’t seem very complimentary, to say something has ‘a bit of flavour’, yet the meal is still described as ‘delicious’?

It’s more along the lines of “subtle” rather than “a little bit”. Ya know, it’s not hitting you in the face like a sprig of rosemary tied around a baseball bat. Subtle, but effective.


My mind made a connection today. If you wonder why, I’m afraid I couldn’t tell you.

Oh, hey! It’s the end of the volume!

13 - テストにでるおしゃれキャンプ入門

Start date: August 22nd

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I hate being so early to vote in these. Makes it feel like everyone who didn’t vote yet dropped out


Posting is even worse. You just get to sit there and wait for something to happen. Where is everybody?
Thank you for that, by the way.


I don’t want it to end :sob: Even if there’s the next volume, which we are already planning to read :laughing:


Someone already went and posted it on the lookup sheet, but if I don’t explain the joke here, I’ll have nothing to say, because they don’t go anywhere! *Sob*

byつなよし on page 161 is a reference to Tokugawa Tsunayoshi, the fifth shogun of the Togukawa dynasty. Tsunayoshi turned to religion in the later part of his reign, probably on the advice of his mother, and due to this, he began to pass a lot of laws regarding animal protection - particularly dogs, probably because he was born in the year of the dog. Hence the connection. Other fun things that happened during Tsunayoshi’s reign include the Adventure of the 47 Ronin, and the most recent eruption of Mount Fuji.

Also, if anyone’s not seen one of these before, the へんなくるま at the bottom of page 161 is… well, in this universe, it’s an Oggle Maps car.

Though come to think of it, I’m not sure we’ve seen the train station on page 163 before. It’s Kai-Tokiwa, the closest station to Motosu High School. On page 174, she’s shown disembarking at Utsubuna Station. That’s one clue towards working out where she lives. :slightly_smiling_face:

Not the faintest idea of what シカモト on page 159 is meant to represent, and to be honest, chain stores aren’t much fun to search for. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nadeshiko’s Oggle Maps close encounter, as shown on page 176, is here. Strangely, she’s not in the Google Maps version of the photo. That image was last captured in 2014, though, so I’m willing to bet that the next time the street view cars are out, there’ll be some fan there with cosplay or a cardboard cutout.

What’s “OFF” doing on page 157? Is it “(their) time off”?

Page 167, someone’s added a note on the lookup sheet to 一筋 saying “as a NA-adjective it can mean earnest or devoted or common, but I’m assuming it’s a noun meaning because of の”. It also has the meaning “earnest; resolute; intent; devoted” when it’s acting as a suffix, and when it’s acting as a suffix, it’s a noun.


That was me. I assumed she was suggesting there was a familial connection between the teacher and Tsunayoshi, but was a bit confused about it (probably should have just not added anything, I am sorry). How do you read that?

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Nah, I think it’s more that she was trying to picture the teacher, but imagined Tsunayoshi instead.

It’s just ひとすじ.

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By “read that” I meant in terms of sense. Were you saying it is actually the earnest meaning?