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Fun fact, that’s apparently how (some) Japanese people are mishearing Mjolnir (the name of Thor’s hammer in katakana) in the movies. (Source: nico nico pedia).
I have the same image than you do, otherwise (I would say soft rather than blobby, but that’s minor).


Well, that makes perfect sense. I knew the hammer was named Mjolnir, but somehow never made the connection to the sound of ムニョムニョ. Also, it’s the name of his hammer in the Prose Edda, too.


I think it says 蜂の巣だ. But not sure why there would be a beehive inside the place with the reception desk :thinking: Maybe a model or sculpture? Or something on a menu? :eyes:


Btw, could you tell me (or show me on a map) where they live? I forgot… :sweat_smile:


Aye, I could tell what it said (though at first I read it as くものす… time to get back to my reviews, I guess). I don’t think there’s a literal beehive, but rather that something about the building reminds her of one. Or maybe there’s one in one of the photos on the wall. She doesn’t deliver the line in either the anime or the drama, though, so I can’t get some sort of second opinion.

Rin is here. I don’t think we’ve seen Nadeshiko’s house at all yet, though. Probably somewhere nearby, in any case.


Oh, yeah, I also wondered what triggered her to say that. The other angle didn’t show any actual beehive nor hexagons or anything bee related.
Is there something in the anime or drama?

Well, like I said, she doesn’t speak the line. In the anime, the receptionist guy’s entire line in panels four and five of this page are delivered over this shot:

Then it cuts to the first panel of the next page, where he’s pointing out the white tent where the campsite is.

In the drama, the lines are switched - he points out the tent across the lake, and then tells them they’ll need to walk around the lake to get there, but either way, both lines are delivered standing on the patio, outside the building.

Edit: Heh. And I just noticed, as part of the Bland Name version in the anime, the 水 of 水明荘 has been changed to a 木. Subtle.


I couldn’t find dictionary results for this either, so I just wrote it off as an onomatopoeia for munching :sweat_smile:

I think this is the first time in the manga. We just saw her getting a part time job with Aki, but not actually working.

I have the same question :joy:


So, page 92… Are they talking about Clint Eastwood? Cause that’s what Google is giving me for イーストウッド :thinking:


That was definitely the first thing I thought of too, but I’m pretty sure that was where they went on their first trip as a club. Check out the sign they are looking at on page 29.

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Clint Eastwood is an outlook-type campground, don’cha know?

But yeah, though the real place is named Pinewood Campground, in the manga, it’s Eastwood.


Clint standing on an outlook-type campground with a cigarette and poncho flapping in the wind is very fitting.

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I googled it and found this in a blog:

(Source: https://junexha.blogspot.com/2018/10/10.html?m=1 )


Th… that’s a ginormous beehive. Why did Afro have Rin comment on it but now show it ? Why did Rin do nothing more than raise an eyebrow? :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, there’s several interior shots of this room on Google Maps, how did I fail to spot it?

That’s a pretty impressive blog you’ve found, though.

Well, interestingly enough, the anime moves this conversation about campground types to before the visit to Zebra, and in its place, they’ve included a scene of Aki scouting out a different campsite, and running into just such an Eastwood-type character, albeit without cigarette or poncho. I can’t remember if the scene appears later in the manga, but the character does, so I’ll say no more. :slightly_smiling_face:


Exactly what I was thinking, I didn’t think it was tooooooo out of place :joy:


11 - 冬キャンと四尾連湖

Start date: August 8th

  • I’m reading along :books:
  • I’m taking my time :camping:
  • I’m dropping out :no_good_man: :no_good_woman:

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Just a quick reminder to anyone who’s read/watched further ahead: The names, and to a lesser extent genders, of the other campers in this chapter and the next are spoilers, so try not to post them in the clear. :slightly_smiling_face:

Nothing new in terms of real-world locations this week - they’re still where they were last chapter. That said, if anyone wants to answer Rin’s question on page 103, here’s a photo of the stone in question. This might be one for the Deciphering Stylised Kanji thread. :slightly_smiling_face:


Ohhh. That’s why the cow ghost appears in the middle of the night - because it’s 丑=牛 time. Not sure why the third-quarter of the “hour”, though. And oh boy, that screentone. Took me forever to figure out what’s going チャリン in the third panel - it’s Nadeshiko tossing a coin into the pile at the base of the stone.

Page 106, I love how the 貸し切り状態 joke from way back in chapter one has been modified to (ほぼ)貸し切り状態. And heh - 丑三つ時2時

Page 107, is グリーンサイト a technical term in camping circles, or does it just mean plots with grass? Google’s not coming up with much for me, so perhaps if someone with a stronger search fu can find anything…

Page 109, for some reason I find Nadeshiko’s “Oh…” quite funny. There’s just something about the incongruous English. I remember a chapter of Yotsubato a few volumes back in the club where Yotsuba delivers a flat “No.” in English to Yanda, and it just cracks me up. (Less amusing note, our favourite translator Amber Tamosaitis somehow read the が in お高いですが as a か, so she’s translated it as “Are they… expensive?” That doesn’t even make sense! か and が aren’t the same! It’s a “but”! “But they’re expensive”!)


What a cool grandpa Rin has :smile:

p. 126 - very last panel, does anyone understand what she says or is it completely gibberish? Haha


Not so much gibberish as really slurred. I’ve tried to see if I can make any sense of it - I can see a ほんま in the middle, for example, but this is so slurred that I think I need to start with at least some idea of what someone would say in that sort of situation, so that I can derive it in reverse, but I’ve got nothing.

We could try starting from what the English version says, but considering the other… issues I’ve spotted in the English version, it’s also possible that Ms Tamosaitis just made it up out of whole cloth. It’s Ohey, I’bb been bere wadin’ whi’ you wen where!!


On page 120 Nadeshiko says そろそろプチ鍋の下準備しとこっと. I think しと is してお contracted (so you get a form of おく), but what is (お)こっと?

(I accidentally posted this in the wrong thread and it won’t let me post the same thing twice, so now I have to type this little appendix so the post is sufficiently different :sweat_smile:)


っと is a way to ask oneself a question/ express uncertainty while talking to oneself.
Full explanation (in Japanese):

Basically she is saying “it’s about time I start preparing […] I guess