ゆるキャン△ Vol. 2 🏕

I quit


This chapter wasn’t as hard as I thought, barring all the vocab. Though the 2 cooking pages or so gave me some headache with the weird font and all the handwritten stuff


The two cooking pages gave me a somachache, cause I want that to be in it.

Well, except for when she put the sliced cheese in. Get grated cheese?


I didn’t understand anything that was happening until I read it again and realised I’d been skipping all the 'せ’s :neutral_face:


Are we considering a read-aloud session this week?

Though, it’s mostly just Rin speaking…

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Chapter 8 - それぞれのキャンプ、二人の景色

Start date: July 18th

  • I’m reading along :books:
  • I’m taking my time :camping:
  • I’m dropping out :no_good_man: :no_good_woman:

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I didn’t notice last week but those emojis are perfection :ok_hand:


When you made a new sheet for a new chapter, did you just duplicate one of the old ones or manually copy the same format?

So far I’ve just been adding a few words to the existing chapters, and to do so I would right click and “insert row” because that didn’t seem to mess up anything else’s formatting.

I duplicated an existing sheet and I just deleted every cell (except the first two rows) :grin:

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Since the title of the series is just written in kana, would it be safe to assume that ゆる comes from the reading of this kanji: 緩 ? :eyes:

Is for leech squishing purposes science :woman_scientist:


That’s what I assumed


I recall being told 緩 is the source by a native Japanese person some time ago.

Also, DasOcean, excellent! Thank you!

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Yay! Now I’ll never mix up the reading of these two again :grin:






Are you not entertained feeling comfortable?


This week: now we see how the other half lives.

The Outclub girls stay at Pinewood Campground. And… uh… that’s basically it, so far as real world locations. Noone moves after that point. Well, Nadeshiko and Rin both backtrack to somewhere they can see the view, but I’ve posted those locations already. The first time I saw this scene in the anime, I wondered if they were both seeing the same view from different directions, but they’re not - the viewpoints are more like this:

After some research, I’ve determined with… reasonable confidence that the onsen Rin visits in the final panel of page 52 is Katakurakan.

Page 31, someone on the vocab sheet interpreted Aki’s さむえだ as being a slurred さむい, but it’s not - a さむえ is what he’s wearing.

Also page 31, Aki in the second last panel, I’ve seen sentence-ending particles written in katakana for effect, but I can’t say I’ve ever seen romaji. What’s the effect, though? Reference to some celebrity’s catchphrase?

Page 32, someone’s marked the definition of 二段目 on the vocab sheet in glaring red. Is this because someone suspects it literally just means the second level of the campsite? Because it does. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hands up who saw page 36 coming the moment Aki suggested the ウッドキャンドル. :slightly_smiling_face:

Page 43: Bah, I was gonna make a joke about how Aoi even snores in Gifu-ben, except it’s Aki who’s going すやー…

If you’re trying to reference Gladiator, it’s “are you not entertained?” :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, fine. You still got it though.



What’s with the first two pages of this chapter with the club (circle) wandering in the woods? It lacks those vertical lines the names of which I forget and its so pretty!

That would’ve been so cool and I’m really glad you thought to check.

I definitely read さむえ as a slur as well, which had me pretty confused about 寒くないのかな. I guess the latter is something to the effect of “How is he not cold dressed like?”

I had the same assumption about ZE, but the only examples I could find of such romaji use on google just brought me back to Yurucamp. I’d chalk it up to characters being quirky?


The screentone? Quite. I really don’t like the overuse of screentone in this manga. (Well, I mean, the term for the lines themselves is “hatching”, but it’s applied by screentone…)

Though, the campgrounds sign is almost completely unreadable.

Aye, precisely.

I tried sticking やるZE into Google, and got a bunch of Twitter and Pixiv tags, but it’s still not too clear where the usage comes from, exactly.

Edit: Heh. Just discovered that the view from Fuefuki Fruits Park is regarded as one of the New Three Major Night Views of Japan.


Bit of a late start on Chapter 8, but it’s rough balancing two book clubs and a new video game release lmao.

Thank god for all of the sprawling scenery pages! I was able to catch up easily enough. Most of what’s slowing me down is all the vocab like everybody else haha.

It really is cool to see how much the series was actually improved in the adaptation, tbh. While Afro undoubtedly does a great job at capturing the comfy nature of traveling, camping, and cooking, the anime adds so much with color, motion, and music. Those screentones aren’t doing the scenery any favors haha.

That said, Afro really does have some fun comedic timing/paneling. For example, when Rin is furiously scooting to the onsen and subsequently disappointed, or the 4koma at the end with the girls buying more scotch eggs.

Rin's deadpan bold text never fails to make me smirk.



Yes indeed. Colour especially - there’re whole chapters which are shaded like the sun’s right on the horizon setting, but it’s actually supposed to be high noon. Or at worst mid-afternoon.