ゆるキャン△ Vol. 12 🏕

Finally more ゆるキャン it is great coming back to this relaxing manga. It was nice having a teaching chapter again. Also as much as I like Nadeshiko & Rin it is great that we get to see the other girls go out aswell. Can’t wait for next week.

I never thought I would see someone this excited about firewood



I’m late again weee

65 - ホラかホンマか回想キャンプ

Start date: January 15th

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As the the manga makes quite plain in the narration, the adventures in this chapter commence at Nirasaki Station. At the top of 32, Aki muses whether they’re going to Shosenkyo - and as she thinks, the bus does leave from Kofu Station (citation). The Peace Kannon is here. (The location on the title page is gonna show up later, spoiler alert, so I won’t mark it now.)

On page 37-38, they arrive in Akeno - they buy their tomatoes from this place. Not sure exactly where the bus let them off (the nearest bus stops that Google knows about are all on the town’s main road, a half hour’s walk away), but the first panel of page 38 is here. There are a number of sunflower farms in the area - like this one.

On page 45, they arrive at Lake Mizugaki - the building depicted in the second panel is the Visitors’ Centre. (The final panel of page 44 is also near the Visitors’ Centre).

They start walking anti-clocwise around the lake. There’s a pedestrian path, which is too far from the road to show up on street view, but there are some photo spheres. On page 48, they arrive at the Shiokawa Dam Lookout (which is also the location on the title page - told you it’d be coming up later). The bath Ena mentions is here (and ヨシヤー to ヨシャー has to be one of the subtlest bland name versions I’ve seen in this manga so far). Can’t tell from here whether it’s actually hot or not, but surely with a name like ~の湯, it’d have to be…

On page 50, they arrive here - from the Visitors’ Centre, where the bus let them off, it’s 36 minutes’ walk, uphill all the way, so it’s not too surprising that Aki’s a bit tired. (It’s slightly shorter walking clockwise, but still uphill.) Interestingly, the street sign they’re looking at lacks romaji in the street view, but to be fair, this street view photo was taken in 2014. Are they waiting for ゴドー?

Side note, here is Google’s bus directions for getting to Mizugaki from Nirasaki, but it doesn’t go anywhere near the tomato shop. Hmm…

So, flipping through this volume back when I bought it, I was rather wondering why (and how) Nadeshiko was doing the picture-in-picture talento reaction shot thing in this chapter and later chapters. Didn’t realise until the end of last week that this chapter is Aki telling Nadeshiko the story of their adventure. Though Aki going “get back in your box!” is amusing. (And today I learnt that it’s called a ワイプ. Why, though?)

Page 35, I see the simulation is starting to break down in the final panel there. Maybe they should stop playing with the settings.

So, that cart Ena is dragging around on page 38, and is blocking the aisle on the bus on page 44… is that real, or is it just full of the imaginary camping supplies for the imaginary dogs?

Page 51, I must say, it’s a bit rude that there’s so many readings for 神戸. There’s one in Mie read as かんべ…

Proper nouns:

Page 31

Page 32


Well, the post is up early, but as usual I am still reading another series, so I am late.

66 - 薪割り道具とみずがき湖の謎グルメ

Start date: January 22nd

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Oh, we’re back to real life (aka the firewood arc) for most of this chapter…

We return to the simulation at the bottom of page 69. The yakitori place they arrive at on page 70 is here, though unfortunately Google Maps appears to lack an actual marker there. Street View. And yeah, as Ena points out, it really doesn’t feel like there’d be any eateries in this town.

On page 76, Aoi mentions it’s thirty minutes’ walk back to the bus stop - it’s 27 minutes away, though there’s another, closer one only 24 minutes away, so they could probably just make the 13:25 bus if they left immediately and walked more briskly.

The bus from the lake to the onsen takes 9 minutes, so the 14:13 bus would arrive at 14:22 (though the current timetable has buses at 13:10 and 14:35 rather than 13:25 and 14:13, so it’s probably changed, but they all take 9 minutes regardless). Meanwhile, walking direct from where they are will take 65 minutes, meaning they’d arrive at 14:05 if they left immediately, so walking twice as long (with luggage and imaginary dogs, up and downhill) will only save them a mere 17 minutes, but probably tire them out completely, and that margin reduces by however long it takes them to finish eating, pay up, and leave the eatery.

I don’t really understand why the bus plan would result in them arriving at the campsite after the office closes, but the walking plan will not. Though, I also can’t tell what location is being displayed in the third panel of 76. In the real world, all the buses that go from the lake to the onsen terminate at the onsen, near as I can tell - Google can’t even spot any bus stops to the east of the onsen. Mind you, they’ve clearly already used a bus stop somewhere near the tomato place that doesn’t exist on Google…

Well, maybe it’ll be made clearer next chapter.

Or wait, is the point I’m missing that the 14:13 bus doesn’t stop at the onsen, only the 15:41 bus? That certainly doesn’t match reality… from what I can tell.

Page 55, after browsing a few results on Google, I feel like the website that Rin is looking at in the first panel more reflects the general idea of such websites rather than any specific one. Here’s a few I found: 1 2 3. To be fair, as I write this, it’s most certainly too early in the year to be looking at sakura forecasts, so perhaps there is one that looks like the one Rin’s looking at, but it’s not coming up on Google because it’s inactive at the moment.

Page 61, heh, we haven’t seen Aki’s habit of getting a nosebleed when she sees a big price tag in quite a while.

Bottom of 61 to the middle of 62, this is not the same video, but it is the same machine:

(Though what do those faces they’re making at the bottom of 62 mean?)

Is Majiuma some kind of all-controlling mega-corp in the Yuru Camp universe?

Proper nouns
Page 76


Fun fact: the title of this week’s chapter is supposed to contain a square (I guess), but couldn’t figure how to type it, so I used the katakana ロ

67 - バスキャンロ 北上中

Start date: January 29th

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I know how to type 〼 and △ but somehow no luck with squares.
しかく gives me □

I posted their actual route last week (and, obliquely, their destination), but the onsen they finally arrive at on page 86 is Masutomi-no-Yu.

Page 91 panel 3 can be seen here. The pizza banners can be seen here (sadly not visible in Street View, but that may be because the photo is from 2019 while Street View is from 2014). You can also find some photos of pizzas and pizza ovens the images of that place.

On page 93, the bus takes them here. Google may not know about bus stops in the area, but Masutomi-no-Yu’s website certainly does. (That said, the bus timetable cited on said website is dated 2017, so perhaps the bus simply no longer goes the whole way. Though, here is a photo of a bus stop uploaded in 2021…) Momotaro Iwa (mentioned on page 95) is here.

The campsite they’re staying at is Mizugakiyamashizen Koen Camping Ground. It’s 2.6 kilometres from the bus stop, precisely what Aoi estimated back on page 94. According to the website, the office is open until 16:30, so since they arrived at 15:23, they had nothing to worry about. (Though, the website also says they’re closed for winter until late April, sooo…)

Page 83, I understand Aki’s sudden realisation of the difference between a line on the map and the actual path in reality. I tried to do the Shichifukujin Meguri in Kamakura a few Japan trips back, and it looked straightforward enough when planning it, but when it came to do it, it turns out I had to clamber over three mountains just in the first half of the trip. (Though I rather think the second half, which I ran out of time for but hope to go back for, will be much flatter.) Though, according to Google Maps (posted this map last week), the route has a total 208 metres of climb and 185 metres of descent, so I’m not completely sure precisely what 高低差170㍍ in the second panel is supposed to refer to. (And to go with ㌔, TIL ㍍ is a character in unicode.) The highest point is only 146 metres above the starting point.

I did some research as to what this しよゆづけ is on page 101-102, but the internet seems similarly confused. In particular, I found two websites that went there specifically on Yuru Camp pilgrimmages. One reported that it’s actually 行者にんにくの醤油漬け, written with exactly that kanji, and when they asked the shopkeeper, he told them it’s always been 行者にんにくの醤油漬け. The other website couldn’t find that product, but did find a similar-looking substance called ふきみそ (containing ふきのとう, みそ, 砂糖, 塩 and ミリン. Sooo… who knows?

I’m not sure I understand the omake on page 105. What is this thing, “まずいアイス”?

☐ shows up in the list eventually.

Or :black_square_button: :slightly_smiling_face:


So I finally got to reading this chapter. Pokemon swept me up in its grasp for a bit.

There are quite a few of these like ㌀ I think they have a specific name but I can’t remember it right now

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Googling came up with this. Apparently called the “CJK Compatibility block”, but I’m not sure if that’s the name you had in mind.

Are some of those used often enough that a unique character is needed to express them, though? ㌰? ㌓?

Also ㍻ and ㍼ and stuff. (㋿ is apparently elsewhere, because they’d run out of slots in the block when they got around to changing the era name. Should’ve left some room. :stuck_out_tongue:)


I just caught up before putting up this post, so that I can report that…

68 - めしテロはじまるよ!!

Start date: February 5th

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I was in such a rush I forgot to edit the title. Bah.

Edit: ah, no, that’s because I hadn’t added the link for last week to the table and didn’t pay attention. Congrats self.


Well, they’ve arrived where they’re going, so this chapter they just stay there. No new locations to report, though they do mention some nearby places:

The rock climbing spot they can see from the campground on page 110 is here.

As the text indicates, the area shown on the map on page 112 is the Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park.

Is Hanpen an English dog? He barks “wof” on page 108.

Page 111, if you want to see a drone’s-eye view but can’t afford it, Aki, there’s always YouTube.

Not to explain the joke, but if you’re wondering what Aoi is chanting on pages 123-124, it’s Maillard, as in the Maillard reaction. That’s possibly the most detailed recipe we’ve seen in this manga so far, though.

Page 127, Cook Recipe is, naturally, Cookpad. Surprisingly, there’s no 背徳のトマト焼きそば recipe there. Though there is a ほろほろトマト焼きそば. And others. Also みたらし団子アイス - same procedure as shown in the book, “Buy dango, add ice cream, serve”.


A fun cooking oriented chapter, good thing I ate before I read!

I love that when they scream about the “Return of the Death Sausage” Nadeshiko is still in her box



Wow, already the last story chapter?

69 - 春の瑞牆冬キャンプ

Start date: February 12th

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They spend this chapter at school, or “at” the campsite, so for the most part, there’s no new locations to speak of. The last few pages has a sequence of Nadeshiko walking from school to the train station, though, so let’s see if I can find these locations. I’ve probably posted a few of these before, but if I have, it’s been a while. (I’m fairly sure these trees I’m posting are sakura, but there’s only one Street View version available, and it’s not during sakura season.)

Also discovered this photo among the images of Jokoin. Heh. Looks like there’s a whole lot of Yuru Camp things scattered around that temple.

Page 133 panels 3 and 4, what’s お見舞い doing here?

Page 152, does this mean we’re gonna see some new characters next volume?

Page 153, that web address isn’t real. Google suggests some locations, but I guess we’ll need to wait until next volume to see where they go.

Page 157, Nadeshiko asking the important questions here.

Indeed. The horror.


Not 100% sure but this seems to fit (at least more that the usual お見舞い definitions)

I kind of hope that that will be the case as much as I like the current cast some new faces would add more to the dynamic!


I would subscribe to this channel:


Aaaand done for now.

番外編 - へやキャン△

Start date: February 19th

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Heh, I was pondering as I picked up this volume to start reading whether one of Aki’s freaky dreams was going to show up, and in number 99, they’re talking about them. How very meta.

For number 100, 山梨百名山. Casting my eyes over the list, I think the only one of those we’ve actually seen characters in this manga ascend is Mount Minobu (number 45), and Nadeshiko wasn’t with them that chapter. (What’s Fuji-san doing at number 54? How is this sorted?) For a more recent connection, Mount Mizugaki is there at 78, but the characters didn’t climb it (and again, Nadeshiko wasn’t there).

The images that Nadeshiko uses as proof of her claim are 大菩薩嶺だいぼさつれい (number 1), アサヨみね (number 31), 北岳きただけ (number 34) and 岩殿山いわどのさん (number 15). And I love how each mountain picked uses a different word for the “mountain” part of the name.

Number 106, I love how the artichokes are going “ciao” instead of コンニチハ like the pine cones do. - modern use of artichokes in cooking first began in Italy in the 15th to 16th centuries.

Number 107, I think I’ve linked all five of the Fuji Five Lakes previously - in case you’ve forgotten the readings, they are, in order, もとすこ, しょうじこ, さいこ, かわぐちこ. I presume Lake Yamanaka is being left out because they already made the comparison to chicken when they camped there. (What was it, again? Whole roast chicken?)



Now the waiting begins!