ふらいんぐうぃっち Vol. 5 🧹

Thanks all for clarifying this part for me – looks like I had all the pieces but wasn’t putting them together right :sweat_smile: “changing the frequency to a range that people can’t perceive” makes so much more sense!


Gave me a good chuckle, too! (Poor Makoto! Was not quite as easy a job as she initially thought :joy_cat:)

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STOP. Your are attempting to use logic. Take a deep breath, hold it for a moment, and let it out. Then carry on with your day as if nothing happened :stuck_out_tongue:

More seriously, it’s a common trope in scifi (pretty sure it happens in stargate, startrek, WH40K etc) that some device can shift people and objects “out of phase” with reality and they become invisible/untouchable. No shifting worlds involved.


A bit later than usual, but it’s still the right day in Japan! :sweat_smile:

Chapter 27: タイがエビを釣る


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One question please meow~

Page 57

Any ideas on what the わおっ スルー in the bottom right panel might be…?

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“Wow! Ignored!” is my best guess.


That makes a lot of sense. Thank you!

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Lol 千夏ちゃん on page 69 is me every time I try that :sweat_smile:


:rofl: Same here…


Had to look up しゃっこい. For anyone wondering on it who didn’t investigate:

「しゃっこい」=冷たい (例:この水しゃっこい)

The page goes on to say that it doesn’t refer to a cold temperature, but rather to describe something solid or liquid, such as snow or water. An example of when it’s used is in early spring, when river water is colder than expected.


Schadenfreude time when it was clear that smug Akane was tricked and wasted her money on that fishing rod :eyes: I was anticipating it from the start, haha. No offense though, she isn’t anwhere near as bad now as she seemed to be when she had her first appearances.


Chapter 28: 一口物に喉が鳴く


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  • I’ll catch up later (or soon)
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I’ve done a quick read-through of chapter 26 just now and holy moly, it was painful. I still don’t understand much without look-ups and it seems like it’s gonna be painful to decipher in the next two days when I take it slowly and with look-ups.

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Chapter 26 definitely has its share of dialogue-heavy pages.

I expect the letter on pages 36 and 37 won’t be much of an issue for you, but here’s a transcript just in case it may be of use:

Letter Transcript

Page 36


Page 37





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Nobody asked for this, but I felt someone had to do it. Translation corrections are most welcome.

Pages 96 and 97


Number Text Translation
1 玄関で7回まわり5回飛び上がる At the entryway, spin 7 times and jump 5 times.
2 玄関で戸を10秒間に15回開け閉めする At the entryway, open and close the door 15 times in 10 seconds.
3 玄関で靴を4足積み重ね外へなげる At the entryway, toss outside a stack of 4 pairs of shoes.
4 玄関で靴べらで天井をつつく At the entryway, poke the ceiling with a shoehorn.
5 玄関で外から人ってきた鳥を左肩にのせる At the entryway, place on your left shoulder a bird that came in from outside.
6 玄関でダンゴ虫を8匹はなす At the entryway, release 8 pill-bugs.
7 玄関で買ったばかりのコップを割る At the entryway, break a cup you just bought.
8 居間に温めた海水をまく In the living room, scatter warmed seawater.
9 居間にある時計を34分間見つめる In the living room, stare at the clock for 34 minutes.
10 居間で鳥の羽を頭の上にのせてねる In the living room, place a feather on your head and lie down.
11 居間で招き猫を落とし足にあてる In the living room, drop a beckoning cat figure onto your foot.
12 居間で水を1時間28分 口に含み続ける In the living room, hold water in your mouth for 1 hour and 28 minutes.
13 居間に象の写真を飾り3分後に外す In the living room, hang a photograph of an elephant for 3 minutes, and then take it down.
14 居間で57歳6か月の女性とひなあられを食べる In the living room, eat sweetened rice-flour cakes with a 57-year-6-month-old woman.
15 居間で34歳7か月の男性とひなあられを食べる In the living room, eat sweetened rice-flour cakes with a 34-year-7-month-old man.
16 居間で車のエンジンを解体して組み立てる In the living room, disassemble and reassemble a car engine.
17 居間で友人と5時間30分12秒電話して切る In the living room, call your friend on the phone for 5 hours, 30 minutes, and 12 seconds, then hang up.
18 居間の中心に辞書を10冊積み上げる In the living room, stack 10 dictionaries in the center of the room.
19 居間で酢の瓶の周りを時計回りに5回まわる In the living room, go around a vinegar bottle clockwise 5 times.
20 居間で古着をふくらはぎに巻きつける In the living room, wrap old clothes around the calves of your legs.
21 居間でラジオのノイズを流しそのまま寝る In the living room, fall right to sleep to noise from the radio.
22 居間でトマトを絞り 絞り汁で絵を描く In the living room, squeeze juice from a tomato, and paint with the juice.
23 風呂場で鰻を5匹浴槽に放す In the bathroom, release five eels into the bathtub.
24 風呂場から雲を3時間26分間見つめる From the bathroom, gaze at clouds for 3 hours and 26 minutes.
25 風呂場で石鹸を一日で使い切る In the bathroom, use up all the soap in one day.
26 浴槽に冷水を張りお気に入りの服を着たまま入る Fill a bathtub with cold water, and get in wearing your favorite clothes.
27 風呂場でラジコンで遊ぶ In the bathroom, play with radio-control cars.
28 風呂場でスイカを拳で割る In the bathroom, split a watermelon with your fist.
29 風呂場で唐辛子を5本食べる In the bathroom, eat 5 chili peppers.
30 風呂場におがくずを敷きつめる In the bathroom, spread out sawdust.
31 風呂場で文房具を洗う In the bathroom, wash stationery.
32 風呂場で紫陽花の花びらを手の甲にのせる In the bathroom, place hydrangea petals on the back of your hand.
33 風呂場の隅に杉の木炭を置く In the corner of the bathroom, place cedar charcoal.
34 風呂場で酒蒸ししたあさりを食べる In the bathroom, eat steamed clams.
35 台所で巻き寿司を一日で184本作る In the kitchen, make 184 sushi rolls in one day.
36 台所に鯛を置き野良猫に持っていかれる In the kitchen, leave a sea bream, and have it be taken by a stray cat.
37 台所で紫のハンカチでみかんを包む In the kitchen, wrap a mandarin in a purple handkerchief.
38 台所の窓のガラスに日焼け止めを塗る Onto the kitchen window’s glass, apply sunscreen.
39 台所で深呼吸を15回する In the kitchen, take 15 deep breaths.
40 台所で豚肉を5.3kg焦がす In the kitchen, burn 5.3 kg (11.7 lb) of pork.
41 台所でルビーの指輪を排水口に流す In the kitchen, wash a ruby ring down the drain.
42 台所に臼を置き臼の周りを反時計回りに6回まわる In the kitchen, place a mortar, and go around the mortar counter-clockwise 6 times.
43 台所で包丁を両手に持ちまいたけをみじん切りする In the kitchen, hold a knife in both hands and finely chop a hen-of-the-woods mushroom.
44 台所ですり鉢を頭にかぶり3回まわる In the kitchen, place a mortar on your head, and spin 3 times.

P.S. I have lost all faith in magic.


Here’s the fan translation, in case you were wondering:


That was, indeed, very helpful. Thanks! Also, I’ve noticed one mistake, 経驗 instead of 経験。Might be useful for people reading this after myself!

Edit: Found another: 人 instead of 入、in second to last line.

Edit 2: Finished the first half of ch26 with look-ups. That’s enough for today. Wasn’t that bad.


Thanks for catching those. I OCR’d the page, and glanced at the result and page to fix any issues, and I completely missed those two. (I’d already read the page previously, so I was just glancing character shapes.) I’ve updated my prior post.

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I want to see more of that space battle


ch26, p40 – 汚し汚れて; context:

I think I saw this construction before, but I forgot what it means. Halp?