ふらいんぐうぃっち Vol. 2 | Chapter 9 🧹

Chapter 9: 犬魔女と姉魔女

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Unrelated to the chapter, but I did a bit of research into 犬養, because it’s not a family name I’d heard before. There’s actually a number of famous people named Inukai, but one in particular caught my eye: Inukai Tsuyoshi was Japan’s oldest serving prime minister, taking office in December 1931 at the age of 76, but he only served for six months before being assassinated by the military in May 1932 (mostly because he preferred that they not invade China as they were in the middle of doing) - which effectively marked the last time the military obeyed civilian oversight until the end of WWII. The assassins had hoped to assassinate Charlie Chaplin as well, who happened to be visiting the prime minister’s residence that day, but he was coincidentally attenting a sumo match with Inukai’s son at the time.

But yeah. That was basically irrelevant. :slightly_smiling_face:

I confess I’m not a huge fan of Akane treating the fact that Inukai ate the chocolate herself as absolving her of any wrongdoing. It’s not like she actually made any attempt at stopping her from eating the chocolate. (Actually… that’s kinda like Willy Wonka telling Violet Beauregard not to eat the three-course-meal gum because it’s still in testing, then just shrugging his shoulders when she actually does.)

I looked up たんげ on page 83 because it confused me. Results of my findings: it’s Aomori dialect for とても or すごく.


Thanks for this! That clears up my confusion as well.

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That has always bothered me as well. From my perspective they both got drunk and did something stupid, but happily for Akane, Inukai is the one who suffered the consequences. And regardless of blame, she could be a bit more proactive in wanting to help her!


Same here :stuck_out_tongue:

Right, they look pretty hammered in the flashback, so I’m not blaming Akane for what happened. And maybe she can’t really do anything about the situation. But indeed she could have been keeping it touch to see how things are going, and try to find a solution way earlier. Also, she could generally show some compassion… I feel like Akane is borderline sociopath.


Or at least not left her passed out on the bench…


Yeah, I really don’t like Akane. Can’t figure out whether or not we’re supposed to. On her first appearence, she accidentally let Makoto over-charge a spell, and ran off before the consequences arrived - what if it had been something worse than a mass-murder of crows?

And in this chapter, she’s left Inukai unable to show her face in public for a year, but just shrugs and goes “eh, it’ll wear off”. When will it wear off? I’m still not really clear on how magic works in this series, but surely there’s some tests you can attempt? Counter-spells? Anti-enchantment charms?


On the other hand, Akane does say she’s been looking for a way to get Inukai back to normal, and that if she finds something she’ll be in touch.


Lmao, the dog faces on page 72 and 73 made my day. :joy:

Page 68


そうゆう - I’m not sure
浮ついた - to be frivolous, flippant
気持ち - feeling, attitude
じゃなく- is not
真剣な気持ち - serious feeling, mood, attitude
でやります - to undertake
から - because

I can’t really glue this together. My take on the meaning would be that Makoto isn’t taking it lightly (not feeling frivolous), but does it (the magic) seriously? I’m at a loss here.


Your take is correct.

Basically, she’s trying to reassure Inukai that she’s not just going “oh boy, a chance to try out a new spell” but is actually looking to help her, except that her general posture and attitude - and the fact that she actually needed to bring it up - rather belie that.


Page 66. Can someone help me out on Chinatsu is saying here? These triple て’s always trip me up.

i_0066 て

I understand that the core verb is 待つ (to wait). Then we’re adding いる, to be. So, existing in the state of wait, or “waiting”. And then there’s…いく (to go)? Does this mean they’ll be waiting a bit, and then they will go? And いく is in the て form because it’s anticipated they’ll do something after? So, they’re waiting for a bit, then they’ll go, and they’ll do something else? Edit: I’m going with @2OC3aOdKgwSGlxfz’s reply on the meaning =)

I look forward to the day when I can see 「っててって」 and know instantly what’s going on.


I am not very confident but my understanding is the following:

待つ => to wait
待って => て-form of 待つ
待っている => to be in the state of waiting.
待ってる => common abbreviation of 待っている. This happens to be a る-verb, so…
待ってて => て-form of 待ってる, used as a soft order. (Like, you’d say たべて! to tell someone to eat)
"待ってて"って => って used to quote what someone said.

So basically this means: “(She said) keep waiting (here).”


Ah, I didn’t even think of って for quoting! I can see that being the same in context. Thanks!

Edit: I just did a subtitle search for 「っててって」 for various anime I have on DVD, and found these matches that sound like the same kind of situation, and are all followed by 言った:

  • 「部屋で待っててって言ったのに…」 (Ouran High Host Club, ep 11)
  • 「トイレ行ってくるから待っててって言ったのに」 (Strawberry Marshmallow, ep 9)
  • 「新一が待っててって言ったから。」 (Detective Conan, fifth movie)

I had exactly the same reaction! And then after saying it out loud a few times I realized the い were getting dropped and the last って is like と - so got something like 待っていてと (might not be proper grammar but helped me understand)

These abbreviations get a bit tricky for me, but so far sounding stuff out is moooostly working :sweat_smile:


There is a contraction guide:

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@Belthazar Thanks!

Btw I agree with the previous poster. I’m not a fan of Akane either. Looks like all she does so far is cause chaos for her own enjoyment. :pensive:

Btw, why did Inukai change back to human at the end? Did I miss that the spell only changes her at day?

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Yep. Top of page 63: 幸い未完成の薬だったみたいで、日が沈めば人間の姿に戻るの。


@Radish8, I know you are very busy reading Kiri, but… :slightly_smiling_face:

Here, have some chocolate… :chocolate_bar:
Guaranteed not to turn you into anything strange.



I blame the idyllic surroundings for lulling me into a false sense of security


p63 – 「そして妹のあなたが来た」
This is kind of an odd construction? Is the の functioning as a が here?