のんのんびより: Chapter 3 Discussion

Yeah, I wasn’t quite sure what to do with the polls, but I did the same.

I can’t really tell how I’m finding two chapters a week because I’m catching up on so much atm :sweat_smile: I guess if people are only able to read the second chapter later in the week there’s not so much time for discussion to develop around it, but it feels like the conversation for this chapter kicked off pretty early.

I’m definitely finding the language harder than Aria though, so a similar length takes longer.

I also do this. I haven’t read this chapter yet. Honestly, I think I might be spreading myself a bit thin with 3 book clubs (this, Aria, and Yotsuba). I’ve been able to keep up with the reading part so far, but I feel like it’s killed my participation in all of them. (Not that I’ve ever been particularly participatory, but now I feel like I’m doing good if I can just get everything read over the course of a week, much less comment on any of it.) I used to read everything over the weekend, because I know I have trouble motivating myself to do anything after work during the week, but reading 4 chapters in a weekend feels like a bit much.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with two chapters a week, necessarily. It’s more so the cumulative load of all the book clubs that’s getting to me (plus the fact that work has been busier and more stressful in the past couple weeks, so I have even less mental energy for outside activities than usual).


I’ve also been much busier with real life stuff than I usually am. And I expect it to continue for another couple months…


I’ve been reading a chapter a day lately :eyes:


I don’t have time for that haha. And I think I would burn out if I tried.

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Since people are talking about how there isn’t much conversation, here are some questions:

Stuff on pages 34 and 35
  1. ウチんとこのこまちゃんにチョック練りこまないで

Is she telling Hotaru not to rub in the shock, or something? And if that’s wrong, (which is quite possible, if not probable) what is she saying? This is on page 34

  1. 流行も追っていかないとな大人の女性として

[spoiler]I interpreted this as her saying she, as “an adult woman”, doesn’t have to do what’s popular, but I’m not feeling very confident on this one either. This is on page 35.

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Hide Details instead of Blur Spoiler. Definitely easier to read that way.

And I’m going to try to read the chapter tonight, so hopefully I’ll have some answers.

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It’s チョーク = chalk. But otherwise, you’ve got it.

~ないと is short for ~ないといけない = have to do.


Alright, read the chapter (again).

  1. Poor Komari. She hates being called Koma-chan so much that she doesn’t even bother commenting on the eraser on her head at first.
  2. What is ウチんとこ supposed to mean from page 34?
  3. It was interesting seeing Hotaru’s thoughts since she was thinking so casually (だろうs, etc.).
  4. I want to make sure I understand page 38 correctly. Is it the case that Natsumi gave a bite of pudding to Komari. Komari’s like, it’s just one bite (一口じゃん) and says, “besides that pudding was mine”. Then Natsumi points out that one bite of the pudding is equivalent to the candy, to which Komari’s basically like, “oh yeah that’s right”. Am I understanding that correctly? If so, that means that Komari immediately forgot that the pudding was hers because Natsumi used logic on her.
  5. I love that the 泣き落とし作戦 worked in the end, on them!
  6. On page 40, この思いつか先輩に届きますように. Is she saying she hopes that one day these feelings will reach Komari? The feelings of happiness that she’s feeling right now?

Elaborating on what Belthazar said, she’s saying that as an adult she has to follow trends. Which is why in response Natsumi says 駄菓子屋の流行追われましても… (Even though the trend being followed is the small time candy store…). That’s how I took it at least.

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I read it as ウチんと + このこまちゃん, and I feel like うちんと is dialect for 私の家, but I honestly couldn’t give you a citation for that. The upshot is that it’s “Our Koma-chan” (in the sense of Nanny Ogg’s “Our Brian”), somehow.

EditL Never mind, I found a citation: http://www.kansaiben.com/9.Index/1glossary.html And yeah, it’s ウチんとこ + の + こまちゃん

Yep, you’ve got that. Spoiler alert: Koma-chan is kinda dumb. Book-smart, but dumb. :slightly_smiling_face:

I kinda got the impression that Hotaru’s tears were real.


So I thought it sounded like that. But it’s still unclear to me why it means “our”. It obviously makes sense from the context, but I don’t see how the house/place part of the meaning just gets dropped.

I agree, but it still worked, didn’t it? Either way, it was clearly what the author was going for.

Don’t think of うち as meaning a physical building.
It’s like the way that “home” in English can mean either the building you live in, or a sense of belonging.


That’s not what うち means here, that’s just if it’s (うち). Here it’s (うち).

うちんとこ simply means 私達のところ or “our place (home)”. Together with the genitive の it’s “our place’s”, or just “our”.


Yeah, I was about to say that.

Okay. I guess I’ll just have the make the leap blindly that “our place” can be used to mean “our”. :thinking:


Nothing blind about it. :stuck_out_tongue:

内 #4:

we; our

Usually written using kana alone, See also 家 うち, in ref. to one’s in-group, e.g. company, etc.

“Would you like to work for me?” asked Mr Wood.

家 #2

(one's) family; (one's) household​

Usually written using kana alone, See also 内 うち

We have ten cattle.

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Yes, うち = our. I get that. But this says うちんとこ. So what’s with the んとこ part? It reminds me of んち, but that would still refer to a home/place, which doesn’t make sense here.

I haven’t read the chapter, so I don’t know the context. :joy:

Other than that, what Kumireiさん said is correct, うちのところの = our place’s = our.

It’s like saying (my place/our place)'s; (my/our) Koma-chan.
It’s her sister, so it’s like she’s also being affected by it, and she has to protect her.

Or, in case that there were a lot of Koma-chans, it would be specifically their Koma-chan. Something like that?

I don’t know how to explain it further. :cry:

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(choose the broadest one which is true)

I have reading and understanding the general idea of everything, but I haven’t taken the time to do the kind of close reading that results in anki cards and forum posts. Too much other stuff that I want to do and not enough time. I’m sure I’ll at least finish this book at this level of participation, but if I don’t find myself doing more I’ll probably give up on book club for a while.


____________________ :dizzy:
Holy! The amount of text. :dizzy_face:

So, they finally mention that she doesn’t look like an elementary schooler.

Oh, so it's saying that it's not from her name, but from 細い?


Can’t really blame 蛍, こまちゃん is pretty cute. :blush:

Aah, so she put the trap for 先生. At first I read it as, “It was 先生’s plan to put the trap.”

I don’t exactly get the きれいに黒板消し乗せちゃって, she gave a ride to the eraser?
Does she mean that, even to that moment, the eraser is on her head cleanly? Without falling off?

No bully. :no_good_man: :sob:

Cutting down on that time! :smiley:
Although, if it wasn’t for all the questions that were asked already, I probably would’ve had a harder time.
Thank you all, as always. :slight_smile: