Page 85:

北アメリカの メキシコから、南アメリカの エクアドルに かけて 生そくする バシリスクです。

The Basilisk habitat spreads from Mexico in North America to Ecuador in South America

この トカゲは、なんと 立って 水の 上を 走るのです。

How this lizard stands is to run onver the water I need help here

水の 上を 走るなんて、まるで にんしゃみたいですね。

[The way it runs on water is similar to ninjas. isn’t it?


Not really following this thread but happened to pop in and see this.
I would actually say you’re correct in this breakdown, you’re just missing that people often end a sentence with って while leaving the rest omitted. Here, though I don’t have the book, I’d imagine it’s something like って言われている!, meaning that “it’s said that…” or って聞いた “I heard that…”
Obviously the author would know factually and wouldn’t need to rely on “I heard…” statements, but if this the kind of kids book I assume it is, I think that would be a common way to say something anyway, especially in a dialogue balloon from a character or something. At least, it is in these types of books in English.


Somehow, this lizard stands, and runs on top of the water.


Thanks Belthazar, so the 立ってin its て form connects to the 走る to mean stands and runs.

Page 85 caption

長い しっぽと 大きな後ろあしを もつ バシリスク。

The basilisk, with a long tail and big back legs.


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Page 84

Thank you so much! It makes perfect sense in the context and completely answers my question! Thank you for popping in to the book-club and helping out like that! Amazing! Much appreciated!


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Page 86 - nearly at the end of the long nature section! A bit easier today, enjoyed this one.

体長は、およそ 六十~七十センチメートルあり、日本の トカゲより、大がたです。

It’s length is about 60-70cm, larger than a Japanese lizard.

水べの 木の 上で、虫などを とって 食べています。

It catches and eats things like insects from up in the trees at the water’s edge.

長い しっぽと おおきな 後ろあしを もち、 あしの 細長い 指の あいだに ひだが あります。

It has a long tail and large back legs, and there are folds in the gaps between the long, slender toes.

水の 上を 走る ときは、この ひだを 広げて、あしを うすい いたのように する ことが できます。

When running on the water, it spreads out these folds, and is able to make its feet into something resembling thin boards.

そして、この いたを すばやく なんども 水の 上に うちつけるので、しずまずに 走れるのです。

Then, by quickly and repeatedly striking these boards against the water’s surface, it is able to run without sinking.


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I’m actually enjoying this book quite a bit, probably because I feel like I can understand it on a basic level.

Also the picture in the previous chapter of the pig in the water was really cute.


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Page 87:

この トカゲは およぎも とくいですが、できから いそいで にげるときに、この わざを つかって 水面を 走ります。

Swimming is also a strong forte of this lizard but, since when it needs to be able to escape in a hurry it uses this running over the water technique.

オスの 頭の とさかが、ヨーロッパの そうぞうの 生きもの、バジリスクに にている ことから、この 名前が つきました。

It’s given this name because the crest of the head of the male looks like a basilisk, a Europe imaginary animal.


Try this そうぞう :wink:


生きもの = living thing; creature

そうぞうの生きもの = imaginary animal


That makes more sense!

I was going for imagination, but, Europe’s imagination living thing, and I was… what??

I’m going to edit the translation


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Page 88

もっと知りたい - I want to know more!
せかいの ふしぎな 生きものたち - the world’s amazing animals
エリマキトカゲ - frill-necked lizard (lit: scarf lizard)

おそわれそうになると, 首の まわりの ひだを 広げて, てきを おどろかす トカゲ. オーストラリアなどに います.

おそわれ - attacked
そうに - looks like
なる - to become
と - when
首の - neck’s
まわり - circumference, “around”
の - possessive particle
ひだ - fold, flap, pleat
を - direct object particle
広げて, - 広げる, to enlarge, in て-form
てき - 敵, enemy
を - direct object particle
おどろかす - to surprise, to frighten
トカゲ - lizard

A lizard which, when it looks like it’s being attacked, startles its enemy by enlarging the flaps around its neck.

It can be found in places such as Australia


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