とんがり帽子のアトリエ 🧙‍♀️ Book Club (Intermediate Manga Club) [ongoing - week 6/6]

Welcome to the とんがり帽子のアトリエ(1) Book Club!

This is the main thread for reading the manga とんがり帽子のアトリエ(1) together with the Intermediate Manga Club.

We’ll be reading together according to a weekly schedule, ask and answer questions in weekly threads, and we have a vocabulary sheet we’re building together to make this easier for everyone.

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Story summary




(Translated with DeepL Translate: The world's most accurate translator)Coco, a young girl from a small village, has always longed to be a wizard. However, a person who cannot use magic from birth cannot become a wizard and must not be seen at the moment of casting a spell … Therefore, she had given up her dream of becoming a wizard. But one day, she saw a wizard, Keefley, who visited her village and saw her use magic … This is a story of despair and hope for a young girl.

Schedule & Discussion Thread Links

  • Start date: April 20th, 2024
  • Schedule:
Week Start Date Chapter Pages
Week 1 20 Apr 2024 1 part 1 3-35
Week 2 27 Apr 2024 1 part 2 36-66
Week 3 04 May 2024 2 67-104
Week 4 11 May 2024 3 105-136
Week 5 18 May 2024 4 137-172
Week 6 25 May 2024 5 173-207

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amazon.co.jp / CD Japan / Amazon US / Honto / Rakuten
Bookwalker <-affiliate link / Ebook Japan / Renta!

Vocabulary Sheet

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Excited for this! One of the few book clubs that I’ll read physical because I already own the first 12 volumes. My only cosplay has actually been リチェ because a friend was cosplaying and had all the other main girls.


I just bought this book a few days ago during Bookwalker’s big coin deal!


Looked up the preview on Bookwalker – and ended up reading till the limit of the preview. Will buy on first oppurrtunity trunky_rolling


I’m really excited to reread the first volume! I recently got the limited edition of volume 11 (translated) and the mini artbook that came with it gives me so much joy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Part of me wants to read the series completely in japanese, but I successfully got my mother hooked on the story, so I let her borrow the manga whenever a new volume gets released :laughing:

That sounds amazing! And I’m also jealous. I love the clothing designs a lot. テティア is my favorite of the group, she’s so warm and fluffy!


Excited that this club is going to happen! And that Tongari was picked!!
I’m going to join you all on a later date, once the next manga is also selected (due to shipping fees!)
Wish everyone a great Tongari journey and see you all soon! :slight_smile:


See you soon! Maybe buy several of the Tongari where you order, I have a feeling that this club will go beyond Volume 1 :grin:


Such a great manga, I know y’all will love it! I personally would love to join in reading but I have my hands full with other projects ATM. Will try to keep up with the discussion though! Happy to talk to more manga fans!


Got my volumes today, ready to join in!


Still fills a bit crazy to me that we are about to read it! My first attempt was to nominate it to the IBC back in August last year, fast forward to now, the IMC exists instead (thanks @mitrac and @seanblue I believe for the name suggestion) and here we are, starting in a few days :face_holding_back_tears:


Week 1 is live :grinning:

If you are not able to join us now and want to catch up / follow the pace of the club, I highly recommend this user script to help keep track of the Club :slight_smile:


After installing the Book Club Tracker plugin, a button “Add book club” appears when you are on this thread, just click it and click Save:

The book club is now added in your Wanikani dashboard:


I ordered a physical copy of the book so that I don’t have to deal with that godawful web reader anymore.

I always find it amusing when purchasing imported Japanese books that, because they’re so cheap in Japan, they end up at basically the same price as the localized copies here:


I’m thinking about going ahead now and buying the second volume from Bookwalker, anybody knows what the special edition (特装版) has than the normal one doesn’t have?
I see 233 pages for the special edition and 197 for the normal one, wonder what they are
the links are to bookwalker and are affiliate links


The extras are described on the product page for the special edition:

特装版は『ミニ画集』付き! ミニ画集には、カラーイラストやラフスケッチに加え、未公開の初期設定資料も収録!

I decided to go with the normal edition, but considering how absolutely beautiful the art is, maybe the special edition isn’t such a bad idea :smile:


Interestingly not every volume has one, I only see it for volume 2, 6, and 11. Maybe I’ll try it for volume 2 at least!

Exactly my thinking :thinking:


Here we go:

I also got Fullmetal Alchemist because I saw it mentioned in an other thread and it was always on my radar as something that seemed interesting even though I never read it before or watched the anime.

And I also got Ranma 1/2 because it’s fucking Ranma 1/2.


It’s strange because the paper version I just bought doesn’t have the colored pages at the start that the bookwalker digital edition has:

As such I would expect that a “special” version of the first volume should also exist.


Oh that’s a pity! :confused:
Yeah like Shadow’s House has a full colored version and a black and white one, that’s why I was asking. But from the free preview it looks like the beginning is the same, so it’s probably only the pages in the end


Roughly 17 full page color drawings (including the opening pages of volume one without text), 12 pages of inked sketches, and a few pages of pencil sketches.

Is it worth about four dollars more? It depends on the individual. If you really enjoy volume one and want to support the mangaka a little extra, you can go for the special edition.


And week 2 is live :slight_smile: we finish Chapter 1!