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Do you often do that for manga/anime, or just for this one? Season 3 of GochiUsa is actually the first time I’m watching an anime after reading the manga, so it’s a bit weird for me.

Typically, I only buy anime for completed series. And then when I learn the manga continues past the anime, I buy the manga once it’s completed. Examples: “Oh My Goddess”, “Ouran High School Host Club”, “Nisekoi”.

When I bought season one of GochiUsa, I didn’t know it was based on a manga (let alone a currently-running one). I bought season two telling myself I wouldn’t watch it until I’ve read the manga counterpart. It was partly to push me to learn kanji; I’ve gone from WK level 1 to 25 since =D But also now that I have the opportunity, I’d like to enjoy the source material first.

I actually do this with Sherlock Holmes stories. I haven’t read them all yet, but the radio and television adaptations I’ve listened to and watched, I wait until I’ve read the source material first.

Likewise, when it came to watching Studio Ghibli’s adaptations of “The Borrowers” and “When Marnie was There”, I bought and read the books first. (Same for “Mary and the Witch’s Flower” when I heard it was being made, although I haven’t watched the anime film adaptation for the one yet…)

I suppose I did that with Flying Witch as well, but that’s because I was reading it in the book club, and had the anime in my backlog to watch. At that point, there was no reason not to read the manga first. (As a counter, I had Aoharu in my anime backlog, and I watched it to decide whether I wanted to join the book club to read it.)

Looks like I’m kind of all over the place…

I’ve been meaning to read When Marnie Was There. I actually already have a digital copy, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.

I found Studio Ghibli’s adaptation to be very hard to enjoy, having first read the book. (I love their movies overall!) I don’t recall if I even got around to watching it in English. (Did it get an English dub, or straight to subtitle release? I don’t even know.)

I think anyone who hasn’t read the book will find Ghibli’s movie very enjoyable. But for me, having read the book first, it was a big reveal later in the book to learn that Marnie isn’t really there, something the anime makes clear quite early on.

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Volume 1 English release date: December 16th. I don’t know when Kobo will have it listed, but I’ll buy it as soon as I can, and maybe do a post in this thread with my thoughts on it.

And while I won’t be getting volume 9 in Japanese any time soon (still no progress on reading through volume 2), here’s a photo to celebrate its Christmas release:

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Apparently Sol Press is planning to release several volumes in English a year, if all goes smoothly. So you may not have to wait too long for an abundance of GochiUsa in English.

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With the English release of volume 1, I’m getting to see how some things I couldn’t figure out have been handled by someone more experienced.

Page 10
i-010x GochiUsa1-10x

Although I can’t say I understand how this キ and パ translate as such.

Sometimes I read a manga in English where the sound effect artwork is poorly done to the point that I feel they should have left them in Japanese and just put an English translation in small next nearby.

For GochiUsa volume 1 in English, I think they’ve done a fairly good job of it.

Page 15
i-015x GochiUsa1-15x

Page 20
i-020x GochiUsa1-20x

And of course I’m already sending off a message to Sol Press:

Page 26

Yeah, I have bad grammar at the end there. I changed what I wrote, but didn’t get catch where it broke grammar. But it’s okay. I feel having broken English gives more weight to my comments on Japanese =D

i-026x GochiUsa1-26x

I do see the occasional panel where I think the translation has the wrong nuance and I think I could do better, but I’m also well aware of my lack of translation ability overall.

Page 26

i-026x GochiUsa1-26x

I took Chino’s expression to be a reaction to Cocoa (indirectly) pointing out that Chino expected Tippy to be there. This seems correct to me looking at the panel right to left. The translation, however, makes it look like Chino’s reacting on her own to discovering Tippy’s not there, and Cocoa’s responding to that.

Naturally, this scene didn’t make it into the anime (as far as I can recall), so I can’t compare to see which comes first, Chino’s reaction or Cocoa’s comment.

But I’d say for every minor translation nitpick I have, I’ve seen at least three instances where I thought, “That’s a lot better than I would have come up with.”

Page 38

I took this side comment to be Rize’s, but it looks like it’s Cocoa’s now.

i-038x GochiUsa1-38x

Page 38

Word play is never an easy call when translating.

i-038x GochiUsa1-38x

If “feels” wrong to me, but I give the translator an A.

Pages 47 and 48

Lack of consistency always sticks out to me.

GochiUsa1-47x GochiUsa1-48x

(anmitsu vs ammitsu)

Page 58


i-058x GochiUsa1-58x

Page 63

Here’s one where I don’t know whether I should nitpick a loss of nuance.

i-063x GochiUsa1-63x

On the Japanese side, I see this as Chino being responding to Syaro offering a tea that’s “easy to drink”. On the English side, I’m wondering if sweet-smelling chamomile tea is a drink for children rather than grown-ups.

Page 65

Maybe I should have sent them all these in one big message…



Page 67

i-067x GochiUsa1-67x

Here I originally thought Syaro meant she didn’t have work today (possibly because her shift was canceled due to the weather). The anime’s translation matches up with what’s used here, though, so perhaps I’m wrong. Perhaps she was working, but was let off early (thus her “schedule became empty” rather than her having the day off). Although, Chiya does comment in the next panel how it was sunny before they arrived.

That being said, I feel like this next panel could be better.

Page 69

i-069x GochiUsa1-69x

Insert nitpicks on page 81 here. (I’m getting lazy.)

Page 85

i-085x GochiUsa1-85x

I wonder if there were issues fitting Syaro’s dialogue into the word balloon, leading to a rewrite that fits while still keeping the same basic feel of the scene.

Page 87


I completely missed that her name’s written on these papers. So it’s 「保登 心愛」 in kanji.

Insert page 89 nitpick here.

I’d say reading the first 100 pages is enough for one day. It feels like a super power to read through this manga in so little time.

Minor nitpicks and issues here and there aside, I really like how these first 100 pages turned out.

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I got nothing. :sweat_smile:

Looks like Rize’s to me.

It looks like they started to write it with “An” (“And” perhaps?) and then forgot to finish. :laughing:

I would have guessed the same as you, but I could be wrong too.

I’m glad you’re enjoying it overall! I have one question though. Did they use the spelling Syaro or Sharo? The former is technically the official (romaji) spelling used in the manga, but since the translation is obviously targeted at English speakers, I wasn’t sure if they’d switch it to Sharo.

It seems like earlier today people were giving feedback to one of the translators on Discord. Apparently gender pronouns used for Tippy is a big topic!

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Syaro. Part of me wanted them to use Sharo for proper pronunciation. But the anime used Syaro, and (as you say) it’s the official romaji spelling, so I figured they’d go with that.

I considered showing up in there rather than using their contact form. But I figured anything written in there might get lost in however much chat may end up going on. (Although when I stepped in, the GochiUsa chat had only maybe three messages since the volume’s release.)

I can understand why. I almost commented on it in my post above.

I forget who refers to Tippy as “he” early on. Then there’s the Anko encounter where Cocoa comments that she thought Tippy was male, and Chino corrects that Tippy is female (except for on the inside). Then later I believe Rize (maybe) refers to Tippy as “he”.

Since Tippy’s voice is that of an old man, anyone who hears non-speaking sounds from Tippy can be forgiven for thinking Tippy to be male (aside from if Cocoa thinks it’s Chino’s ventriloquism). We also know Cocoa mistook Tippy to be male, during the Anko incident, leading up to Chino saying otherwise. But if only Cocoa heard the gender reveal, then it can be considered acceptable for everyone else to still refer to Tippy as “he”. (In my opinion.)

I’m fine with how it turned out. This is an area where you kind of have to make some hard decisions as translator, and you can’t make everyone happy.

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all i know is i have been meaning to watch the anime since the infamous gween tea and cawfee scene

Just got volume 9! Might wait a few days before starting so I can finish up a few other things though. We’ll see if I have the self control for that. As expected, the first page character art is Mocha.

Volume 9 cover

Volume 9 first page character art

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Just purchased the first two volumes of 「ご注文はうさぎですか」! They should be here in about two weeks!! :slight_smile:


Very exciting! Glad to have you join us!

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Glad you linked your thread in that the post the other day! I will probably let them sit for a while so I can level up on WK a little more and keep chugging through Genki, but by April I am starting it rain or shine!! :slight_smile:


In that time, I may even advance another panel or two in reading!

(I’ve been slacking so much. Maybe I should endeavor to read a chapter each month…)


If you read one chapter a month you also get to enjoy the series longer!

I’m probably going to start volume 9 this weekend. I reread volume 8 really quickly (2-3 chapters per day), but I’m going to try to read volume 9 a little more slowly, maybe one chapter per day. It will be another year until volume 10 comes out after all, so I don’t want to burn through all the chapters too quickly!

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I spend about eight months on volume 1, read bits and pieces of the first half of volume 2 over a year, and still have the rest of volume 2, so a chapter a month would be me going fast =D

The main reason I’ve been going slow not reading is all the kanji look-ups.

And ひとりぼっちの○○生活 having relatively few kanji I need to look up has spoiled me (even though I’ve neglected that series this past month or two as well).

Currently I have ぼっち set to read Sundays, but maybe I’ll alternate Sundays between that and ごちうさ. My current goal is one chapter per day reading, so this would actually get me through about two chapters of ごちうさ a month!

I definitely know the feeling. When the next volume of 三ツ星カラーズ comes out, I’m going to read only one chapter per week to really stretch it out. (I expect there to be a lot of really short chapters, which will help to stretch things out.)

This one has furigana, right? I haven’t really looked at my copy, but I think that was the case. If so I guess the few kanji lookups are from handwritten text?

I’m definitely not going to stretch out GochiUsa that much!

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No furigana*.

The series may be a good one for readers to try out when they hit about WK level 25, judging based on my look-ups.


Being able to read so much kanji at a glance feels like a super power to me! (Even if there are some I don’t know yet in there.)

* Okay, there’s furigana on names upon first appearance.

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