ご注文はうさぎですか miscellaneous discussion

Yep, I did the thing, and I have now the first two volumes.


Hmm I’ll take your word for it.


Yay yay yay yay yay!! I look forward to discussing the book with you!

Also the back part says something about the cuteness overflowing (I don’t remember the exact quote).

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So, I’ve been very conservative in my count. I looked up every word I didn’t know, or even if I just wasn’t sure of the reading. That includes three of my leeches from floflo, by the way. (That “hello, old friend; we meet again” feeling. And I still didn’t know :sob:)

I looked up

なじむ (gaaaah)
ポツリ (nuuuuuuu)
察する (different meaning than on WK)
あしらう (fuuuuuuu)

So 40 words. Out of those, 12 were completely unknown and did not make sense even with context (hiragana words, I’m looking at you), which are the only words I look up generally.


Fire away


Only 40 words for the whole first volume? I easily look up more than that per chapter. :sweat_smile:

Are you already partway through volume 2 or just getting started? I’ll post my question when I get home.

Who’s your favorite character so far? And generally how do you like the manga?


That actually felt like a lot :thinking: More than expected at least.

I only read chapter 1 (the one where Kokoa takes pictures, and tries to see Chino’s smile; or is that supposed to be chapter 2 with the color pages being chapter 1?)

Kokoa is probably my favorite. I can be quite ditzy in real life myself, so I can relate.

The manga itself is more moe than I expected, which isn’t what I would usually be reading, but I don’t mind.
It’s quite funny too (which is what I expected) :slight_smile: However, I haven’t been rolling on the floor laughing. It might be because I grew old and jaded, though. But anyway, it’s, overall, a nice combo, and a pleasant read :slight_smile:

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かぶく as in “to perform kabuki”? I assume this one either had furigana to clarify the reading or it was really clear from the context?

This one definitely just showed up again in a chapter of volume 2.

You’ll see this one on WaniKani soon. :slight_smile:

That’s chapter 1. I’d consider the 4 color pages chapter 0 or something like that. Plus, you can see which is the official chapter 1 from the table of contents.

Yeah Cocoa is great (I can’t help but use the “official” spelling for her because I’m used to it from anime subtitles). I actually like all the characters, so it’s hard to pick a favorite. I like Chiya least, but even she still has some funny moments (when I understand what she’s saying, *sigh*).

Alright, now on to my question.

Spoilers for Volume 2, Chapter 1

So on the last page of chapter 1 (page 16), Chino is in the bathroom for the last (left) four panels. I’m having a hard time figuring out the dialog from Cocoa in the first panel. I usually translate 懐かしい as “nostalgic”, but that doesn’t feel right here, and I’m just generally unsure of the meaning of the sentence. Like, she has a feeling that she asked something nostalgic? (not sure how やり取り fits in here either).

Now for the second panel, who do you think is saying that dialog? To me it sounds like Tippy (as we sometimes see hints of dialog from him) is the one saying it, but I’m not sure. I don’t think it sounds like Cocoa saying this because it seems like she wouldn’t have the context to make that statement (unless I’m misunderstanding this too).

I would really appreciate a full translation on those last four panels. :slight_smile:
For context, when I first read it I at least felt like I understood the gist of it. But I decided to check out a fan translation to verify, but there translation was so significantly different. I’m pretty sure their translation is wrong, but I’d really like to know what this interaction actually says. I stopped comparing to any fan translations because they were so bad and translated very liberally, but this one has been bothering me.

Also, one reason I love Cocoa and Chino’s interactions:

Spoilers for Volume 2, Chapter 2

On page 21 where Cocoa tells Chino to watch her “great” swing and screws up. And then she says 見ないで to which Chino responds どっちですか. I find this recurring gag to be funny and Chino’s deadpan lines are always great. :laughing:

It had furigana, and another character mentioned it was kabuki bread. (I don’t have the manga with me right now, but it’s from the time they are making bread, and リゼ adds chocolate sauce to make bunny faces, but the bun is still hot and the chocolate runs

I actually know its meaning, but wasn’t sure of the reading. I would not have looked it up normally (which is why reading does not improve my vocabulary, I guess :sob:)

As for your question I already forgot the details, so I will properly answer when I get home tonight. :upside_down_face: I vaguely remember something, but just in case, I prefer to be sure.

That they are :slight_smile:

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I have been reading along as of two days ago :slight_smile: I forgot to mention, oops, but anyway I’ll never catch up to where you two are until I’m done. That’s okay by me since I know I’m reading material that’s still above my level slowly. Just, uh, someone is here and appreciating all the things you post…

I agree with Naphthalene’s assessment, I’m not really an intense-moe person. I’m not even a slice of life person! I wanted to read it because I really love rabbits, like a lot, and cafés are a very comfy thing for me emotionally. It’s a warm read, which is good right now.

I don’t really have a favourite character yet? I feel like it’s Rize, but that’s just because I relate to her awkwardness and overreactions the most. Only it’s presented in a more harmless way so I can think it’s cute instead of shameful. :stuck_out_tongue: But I have a friend who is kind of the Cocoa to my Chino, and I typically warm up deeply to those kind of duos.

Also thank you so much for posting your look-up list, Naphthalene! Was interesting.

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Maybe something to start doing? :thinking:

Sounds good. :+1:

I like moe in general. Slice of life is hit or miss for me, but this series is one of my favorite anime comedies, so it was a good choice for me to read.

How many volumes did you buy? I’m planning to finish the second volume in the next couple weeks. It seems like a bad idea to keep reading it while reading a chapter of Aria and two chapters of Non Non Biyori a week with the book clubs. So I’ll probably take a break from the series for a few months.


This is basically why floflo is a godsend for me right now :stuck_out_tongue:

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I bought two like you although I’m reading it as an ebook (emanga?) :slight_smile: I was familiar with the anime first too (…because I collect anime figures and there are a lot of cute Chino and Tippy figures), but it wound up in my backlog. It must be pretty exciting to tackle the manga then if you liked the anime so much? Did you watch it in English?

Maybe I’ll get there in your break! :slight_smile:

I watched the anime in Japanese with English subtitles. I’m still pretty hopeless with listening, so I wouldn’t understand much if I watched without subtitles.

I actually already own all 6 volumes of the manga, so they’ll just be waiting for me when I decide to keep reading. I bought the rest of the series after only reading the first 4 chapters of volume 1, so I’m glad I ended up liking it. :joy:

I hope you ask some questions if you get stuck on anything. It’ll give me a good reason to go back and try to figure out stuff I may not have understood perfectly before. :slight_smile:


Ok, I am finally (?) at home. I left an hour and a half early for reasons. Good reasons.

Spoiling away

That’s ティッピー talking. You can tell because of that old people ending particle (のう). Also, the bubble is slightly raised. 懐かしい indeed means “nostalgic” here. やり取り is an exchange/back-and-forth in a conversation.
Brace yourself for terrible translation skills:

Just now, I feel like I just heard a (type of) conversation that I haven’t heard in a long while.

Still ティッピー, following the previous sentence.

Her way of praising is the same as your mother’s

Last panel, she replies:

(No,) they are completely different.

But she is smiliiiiiiiing. :relaxed:

Spoiler Response

Ah, no wonder I couldn’t make sense if it. I just thought のう was a stylized choice for how to extend の verbally. Thanks for clearing that up. The second panel was more obvious that it was Tippy (but I had to double check) because of お前, 母親, and ending the sentence with じゃ.

I did get the general meaning of the exchange, even if I completely messed up the first part. And I confirmed that the fan translation was completely wrong. They wrote the translation as if Cocoa said all the dialog in the first two panels, and basically just made up the whole exchange.

Cocoa really wants to be a surrogate big sister, but she makes a good surrogate mother too. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I wonder if they had only one incompetent translator, or multiple ones :thinking:

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I’ve been learning a lot of words (and how to spell words I knew… and how to recognise contracted grammar… Cocoa :slight_smile: ) as I slowly read through this. :rabbit::coffee:

As I pick it back up after some life disruption I’ve been trying to go back through really early bits I didn’t quite grasp for interest’s sake and I just realised what 道を聞く actually means lol😅 Cocoa uses the term when she was explaining how she ended up in Rabbit House to Chino and it went right over my head.

Also, there’s a thing I don’t quite understand in one of the other sentences on that page (12), which I would quite like to understand. But in case it’s something specific I thought I’d post here first.


What is ちって here? I could only find lyrics.

It’s actually 春風さんち (Harukaze’s house) + って :sweat_smile:

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Haha wow I forgot that 家 can be written chi too :sweat_smile:… I only figured out what she was talking about because of the other panels. Thank you for answering my silly question Naphthalene!

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Off topic but...

They publish so many good series.

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They really do

I restarted my localised collection in Japanese just recently, but these were all originally through Manga Time KR too

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