この毛ぬき、びっくりするぐらい軽いんだけど。— Can you read this sentence and understand what it means?

I never there was nothing interesting in the black hole photo. Just that the photo itself was boring. The photo that you posted is slightly more interesting. Of course, the stories behind both are interesting.

To me, that’s what makes the picture boring or interesting (shrug)

Plus, the black hole picture has the fact that we are looking at light that was bent from around the backside of the black hole. I guess whether you consider that “story” or “picture” is debatable.

I couldn’t help but be reminded of how messed up Pokemon weights are from the example picture :joy:

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Oshin's answer and question

This is my answer before I open your blurs.

kono moumeki, bikkuri suru gurai karui n dake do.
This ? , surprise me.

After I open them, hark!! I’ll write down again that “nu” hiragana to make it stick.

Number two. I didn’t really understand what This pair of tweezers is so light that I’m surprised means so I opened a Dictionary/googled, and found out that tweezers is a “pinset” in Indonesian, though even after I saw that in Indonesian I still didn’t understand until I saw the picture. And you had already provided the tweezers picture. Ah. I usually don’t use “pinset” in my language though. I use “cabutan bulu ketek” or more or less in English literally “armpit hair plucker”. 笑う


I’m confused of where to put “がる” then. I want to say: Kanae said, “When I saw Oshin’s imaginary daughter, I was surprised by her beauty.” D’oh I’m not even sure I write it grammatically correct in English. ごめん。

I only know something like this so far: 恥ずかしがらないで、かなえさん。I wanted to combine this がる with your example/exercise. It’s late here. I shouldn’t post anything when it’s late. Ah, I’ll hide it in details then.


I mean… have you guys seen this?

You’re welcome :hugs:

Kumireiが怖いくらい優しい :fearful:



Maybe it’s more accurate, or I would say more “literal”?

You’re welcome, and your sentence is :100: :ok_hand:

最後のボスのこと、ラスボス (last bossの略)ってよく言うけど、そしたらラスメガボスって言えるかな🤔!?

As @leebo said, they are now interchangeable, there might be some combinations where I feel more comfortable/easier to pronounce, though (I should start paying more attention🤔). I think it’s kind of like a euphotic change, like rendaku… at least it used to be.

I sometimes get kind of annoyed by too many dakuten in a sentence when I write, so if I wrote this sentence, I might have written as びっくりするくらい. It looks slightly… prettier? haha



最近は料理の成功率があまり良くなくて「びっくりするぐらい美味しくできた」時は10%かな :sob:
@Saida の得意料理は何ですか?


:joy: Somehow they look exact same on Pokemon though.


がる is tricky! Especially with 可愛い.
可愛がる is kind of an exception (or idiomatic) and it means “treat (someone) with affection.”
You wanted to describe Kanae thinking the daughter being cute from your perspective, correct?
Your sentence perfectly works though. Or you could maybe say something like かなえさんは、おしんの想像上の娘を可愛いと思ったらしい。

It really depends on the verb/adjective, etc, if they can go with がる or not, after all though.
I’ve seen some resources saying “it’s basically used to show strong emotion of the subject”
For example, you can say 寒がる/暑がる but not 涼しがる/暖かがる. This specific comparison kinda makes sense, but to be honest, there are stuff that don’t fall into this rule, which feels a bit obscure anyway. It might be just safer to use ones you already know/ran into like 恥ずかしがる? When you’re getting a hang of it, be creative and make your own version. Just make sure use to someone who would correct your Japanese so you can learn from mistakes!


I usually associate “surprisingly” with "意外と” in most cases …
But yeah I think you’re right …

Oh I see. 意外と feels more like “unexpectedly” to me as it means something being against expectations. But it could also be “surprisingly,” because you’d be surprised if something is/goes against your expectations. びっくりするくらい focuses on the emotion of “being surprised.” :slight_smile:


やっぱり!そう思った。だからアップロードした写真は「soft focus donut.jpg」って書いた。

笑笑 どうでしょうか?



I mistook 毛抜き for 手抜き and was super confused as I couldn’t figure out what the picture had to do with 囲碁. :sweat_smile:




Now you mention it, they look super similar! I don’t know what 手抜き means in go, but it’s a common word in general (meaning “being lazy,” “cutting corners,” etc)

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その歌手の声は びっくりするくらい 美しいんだけど.
I’m not sure if 美しい is limited to physical beauty though.


美しい is not just for physical beauty, just like the English word “beautiful.” So you got it right!:white_flower:

でも、材料を混ぜて電子レンジでチンしただけだったから一瞬自分が天才かと思った :innocent:


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