かがみの孤城 Week 9

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Week 9

Start date: January 15th, 2022

End page (bunko): 238
End percentage (bunko): 57
End page (tanko): 170 or 171
End phrase: お母さんが中に入ってくる。

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Wow, new poll options. Guess now I get to tell everyone I already finished the book instead of just saying that I finished the section.


I decided to do something similar to what @jhol did in the 地球星人 club :slightly_smiling_face:

This week spoiler

Omg so many emotional stuff.
First of all I wanna see Kokoro with Masamune. Ik shipping is cringe but they look cute together. It also seems that she liked Subaru a bit.
Glad Fuuka liked her gift but the way Kokoro described her she seemed kinda fake. Might be me.
I liked the Harry Potter reference ha ha.
Kokoro fighting with her mom was sad. Hope they understand each other

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You keep changing how you spell Fuuka’s name every week. :joy:

It seems to be a problem for me. I can’t spell names right

Corrected it
It wasn’t even close omg

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Yes, I got the impression that Kokoro wasn’t completely sure about that either. She calls Fuuka a 不思議な子 and I’m not 100% sure what she means with 人によく思われたいというような計算も打算もなさそう, but that sounds to me like she thinks that Fuuka is a ‘calculating’ type (both literally and figuratively?) that wants to be liked. (Never mind, see below)

What I thought a little odd (and it also made Kokoro びっくりする) was that Fuuka wanted to take the candy home to eat it alone. I wonder if something is behind that.

I do think it was about time that we saw more of the parents, but she really needs to open up more to her mother. At least she seemed to start to think that maybe the people at the スクール might understand something of her situation.

Her mother revealing that she’s been coming home during the day was an interesting development, especially when she said that she had spotted that Kokoro’s shoes were still there… I hadn’t thought of it that Kokoro would go to the castle without shoes :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:. Indeed, how did her mother explain that to herself :thinking: She even thought that Kokoro had been abducted… What would you think of your child suddenly seemed to disappear like that?


It’s the opposite since the なさそう is negative. Fuuka doesn’t seem like the calculating type who just wants to be thought well of.


Page 231
I’m not understanding the meaning of the bold part.




I was pretty stuck on this sentence as well, but after thinking on it for a while I have a guess. The thing throwing me off most was actually the 自分たち. But since the previous sentence is talking about how the mom interpreted the situation, I think it must refer to her (and I guess the dad given the たち).

自分たちの履物をどれか履いて出ていった = went out wearing one of their own pairs of shoes

くらいに思ったのかもしれない = maybe mom thought (to the extent of) the above part

I wouldn’t say I’m that confident in this interpretation, but it’s the best I can come up with right now.


Yes, it absolutely is! Rookie mistake :man_facepalming: Thank you for correcting me! I got the wrong impression of how Kokoro thinks about Fuuka.

That’s also how I interpreted it. I just checked the English edition and it just says ‘other shoes’ (kind of a cop-out if you ask me).


Well, I mean, the dad is the only unaccounted for person here, so does that mean he’d be wearing Kokoro’s shoes? I’m super confused.

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I’m kind of confused by your confusion. :joy:
People can own more than one pair of shoes… Presumably the parents have multiple pairs each.


I mean, this all started with Kokoro’s mom wondering how she went out without wearing any shoes, right? Like, none of Kokoro’s shoes were missing… Oh wait, you’re right, so maybe she thought Kokoro went out with one of her parents’ shoes…or something. My own confusion is now confusing me, as well.


That’s what I think Kokoro suspects her mom is thinking at least, yeah. Assuming my interpretation above is right.


Some language questions I had this week:

p. 216 (near this week’s start): 平日以外の土日

Here is the full sentence:

I’m a little puzzled by the highlighted part because it seems to say “Saturdays and Sundays except for weekdays” which I find strange because those are already mutually exclusive. Or is the 以外の here meant to emphasise that the weekends are different from the weekdays? I couldn’t really find any examples of it being used in that way in dictionaries, though.

p. 222: そういうとこも

When Kokoro is talking to Subaru about his name (maybe she has an interest in astronomy if she knows the Pleiades :slightly_smiling_face:) she says this:

Is とこ here just a shortened ところ? Is that maybe common in speech?

On p. 193 there is another example when Fuuka says,
and when I read it there, I first thought it was a typo in the text (とこ instead of こと) but now that I see it again, I assume it’s not :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Yeah it’s ところ and yes, it’s pretty common.


Yeah, that’s what I would say it is. :+1: