えほんのチャレンジ:0歳 "Picture Book Challenge: Age 0"



AFAIK, these trains fix the tracks but it doesn’t teally explain much else. I took a photo to do more research last night.


I’ve been really enjoying reading these out loud to myself. I’m trying to do the sort of cadence you’d have if you were reading it to a young kid.


Thanks for sharing!


Here are some words that I looked up:
でんせん - electric line
せんろ - railroad track
てんけんする - to inspect
しゃたい - body (of car)
じょうえつ - city in Niigata Prefecture
ほくりく - region on the Japan Sea side of Japan, including Ishikawa, Fukui, Niigata, Toyama prefectures

I guess we will have to do outside research if we want to know more…

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I really like this challenge. I checked out the website but it’s asking me to pay for the books? Will it be free if I make an account first?

I think what’s important to remember is that these books get read by the parents, not the kids, the kids just react, point and babble. They also probably read these more than once.

Anyway, it’s not that 0 year olds necessarily understand all of this but the parents think this is appropriate content to read to them.

Don’t be so hard on yourselves! :+1:

Yes, you need to make an account first to read for free.
Even then, not all books will be free, and you only get to read once. If you check out the OP, there is a pretty detailed guide on how to do that.


Sad they made it this hard (only read once and all that), but hey, free material! =D

I’ll give it a go too =)

I’m currently reading so much else though, so won’t push myself to finish all in the given time =^_^=

I’ll make my log here:


Log Age 0:
Book Date
はじめての A・B・C 2.3
かばくん いま なんじ? 2.3

Reading log, everything else: 多読 Log


If you want to read the same book again, you can always buy it. :wink: Wouldn’t make sense to give all their books away. But yeah, don’t we wish it were true…


Or just make a new account for a second read through :rofl:

They are in a weird middle ground, since you can read the entire book for free, but only once =P


True, it’s easy enough to cheat the system. :smiley:

Also, while reading the first chapter of 少女終末旅行 just now, I happened across an onomatopoeia I wouldn’t have recognized before even the few えほん I’ve read so far. Definitely learning! :slight_smile:


The wiki page was easy enough!


I try to do this too actually! It makes it more fun for me :D.

This is spot on!

Yay for learning!

Also, waking up to all these comments is definitely motivating. Looking forward to reading more books today!


I’ve been doing this for a couple of months and has helped me tremendously with onomatopoeia and katakana and with getting used to simple grammar and enforcing basic vocabulary. It’s basically, reviewing basic knowledge, without feeling that you’re reviewing anything!
I am now in the 3歳 section and many books repeat themselves in each section as you go through, so there aren’t as many as it seems,unfortunately.
I am slow so, you may catch up with me and I’ll join the challenge then :slight_smile:


I’ve just finished my first few books! Like @fuzzytipsy I’m practicing reading them out loud and giving all the characters different voices lol.

It’s interesting to see little to no katakana in the 0歳 books I’ve read so far, and what katakana there is has “furigana” haha.

Other notes:

  1. Fully jealous of かばくん’s full 11 hours of sleep… my dude goes to bed at 8 and wakes up at 7.
  2. I like how everything and everyone gets a さん、くん、or ちゃん :sparkles:
  3. I learned in たべものへんしーん that “fried eggs/sunny side eggs” is 目玉焼き. Like… grilled eyeballs? It’s so amusing to me haha.
  4. There are apparently many gently rolling things in children’s books. ころころころ
  5. 真っ白(まっしろ)= Pure white.

Following @plantron and @gojarappe’s idea for a reading log, along with using @nbeck0212’s inputsenpai app!

Reading Log
No. Title Date read Contents
1 はじめての A・B・C 2019-03-02 General common items, fruits, etc.
2 かばくん いま なんじ? 2019-03-02 Onomatopoeia, いちにち daily activities
3 どうぶつの おやこ 2019-03-02 Animals, pee & poop apparently, あまえんぼう
4 しんかんせんだいしゅう xxxx-xx-xx It glitched out on me, so I never got to read it ;~;
5 おつきさまのかぞえうた 2019-03-05 Animals, counting, toys
6 にこにこばあ 2019-03-09 Colors, onomatopoeia
7 たまごがあるよ 2019-03-09 Adjectives, (chicken and egg) onomatopoeia
8 いっこさんこ 2019-03-09 いっこ…さんこ…いっこ…さんこ…
9 うるしー 2019-03-09 うるうるうるしー
10 モイモイとキーリー 2019-03-09 Honestly idek… onomatopoeia and baby sounds?
11 もいもい 2019-03-09 もいもいもいもいもいもいもい save me
12 ぱかっ 2019-03-17 ぱか = the sound effect of something opening?
13 たべものへんしーん 2019-03-17 Food, fruits, なっちゃった = become, grow, turn to
14 パパおふろ 2019-03-17 もういっかい!
15 パパのぼり 2019-03-18 Verbs.
16 ひよこ 2019-03-17 いない、いた、かくれちゃった (hiding)
17 いちご 2019-03-17 たべちゃう、たべちゃった。Mm… strawberries.
18 あかちゃんごえほん 2019-03-17 Set phrases and onomatopoeia. This was weird.
19 あかちゃんごずかん 2019-03-17 Pretty useful! Food, body parts, animals, あいさつ.
20 よるのこども 2019-03-24 めをつむってみたら (If you try to close your eyes?)
21 ANIMALS どうぶつ 2019-03-24 Lots of animals. Zebra is “striped horse” :’)
22 ママ、あのね 2019-03-24 Cute book about baby animals and moms.
23 さわさわもみじ 2019-03-24 Onomatopoeia, blowing wind, and leaves.
24 GREETINGS 2019-03-24 Useful set phrases.
25 なになになあに? 2019-03-24 Colors and onomatopoeia.
26 かくねんぼしましょ 2019-03-24 Hide and seek with food. Made me hungry :<
27 のれるかな? 2019-03-24 Can we get on? Can it float? I think…
28 に~っこり 2019-03-24 Onomatopoeia and smiles (にっこり)
29 しーっ 2019-03-24 しずかにしてください!
30 おさんぽさんぽ 2019-03-24 Animals, adverbs, adjectives.
31 COLORS 2019-03-25 Colors. だいだいいろ = orange.
32 もっといろいろばあ 2019-03-25 More colors.
33 くるくるなあに? 2019-03-25 乗(の)せる=give a ride
34 いろいろいちご 2019-03-25 :strawberry: be climbing
35 おでんわもしもし 2019-03-25 もしもしー?
36 おでこぴたっ 2019-03-25 Animals. おでこ=forehead.
37 おてんてんたっち 2019-03-25 Animals.
38 おはなつんつん 2019-03-25 ツンツン=to touch?
39 かわいいね。 2019-03-25 くすぐったい=ticklish. 不思議(ふしぎ)= mystery.
40 ころころとんとん 2019-03-26 おっこちゃた = to fall down.
41 おやすみぺンキン 2019-03-26 風船(ふうせん)=balloon.
42 いただきまーす! 2019-03-26 食べようかな?
43 赤ちゃん色 2019-03-26 葉っぱ(はっぱ)=leaf.
44 赤ちゃんことば 2019-03-26 尻尾(しっぽ)=tail (animal).
45 赤ちゃんずかん 2019-03-26 ぬいぐるみ=stuffed toy.
46 赤ちゃんのかたち 2019-03-27 Colors, shapes, star, and moon.
47 いろいろばあ 2019-03-27 Colors. I feel like I’ve read this one before…?
48 ぴよちゃんのおともだち 2019-03-27 Animals and insects. Cute!
49 ぼくのいす? 2019-03-27 硬い(かたい)=hard, firm.
50 ほらそっくり 2019-03-27 にょっきり=sticking out. そっくり=just like.
51 しゅっしゅぽっぽ 2019-03-27 発車(はっしゃ)= departure (of a train).
52 ぽんぽんポコポコ 2019-03-27 ボコボコ=hitting repeatedly?
53 つみき 2019-03-27 ゆらゆら=swaying, swinging, wavering.
54 あかちゃんたいそう 2019-03-27 体操(たいそう)=calisthenics. 今度=this time.
55 おばけのアイスクリーム 2019-03-27 So cute!! お化け(おばけ)= ghost.
56 ハローキティはじめて 2019-03-27 Really useful. Animals, transport, fruit, veg, house.
57 いち、にの、さーん。 2019-03-27 Lots of verbs and actions.
58 いっしょうにおめめ 2019-03-27 Some basic body parts.
59 いっしょうにあいうえお 2019-03-27 Some basic phrases.
60 レインボウながれ 2019-03-27 流れ(ながれ)=flow, stream, current.
61 レインボウいのち 2019-03-28 Pretty book, no words. 命(いのち)
62 レインボウひかり 2019-03-28 浮かぶ(うかぶ)=to float. にも=also.
63 レインボウかたち 2019-03-28 Pretty book, no words. 形(かたち)
64 レインボウきもち 2019-03-28 Pretty book, no words. 気持ち(きもち)
65 レインボウことば 2019-03-28 言葉(ことば)=words, language. それぞれ=each.
66 レインボウリズム 2019-03-28 生きている=alive. 悲しい(かなしい)=sad.
67 ココロのヒカリ 2019-03-28 バラバラ=scattered, in pieces. ほのかに=faintly。
68 もにもにもに 2019-03-28 ぽろり=dropping (tears, etc.), dropping off.
69 しろくまくん 2019-03-28 穴(あな)=hole. 匂い(におい)=scent. 泳ぐ
70 おやすみ 2019-03-28 Daily life tasks and bedtime routine.
71 おはよう 2019-03-31 欠伸(あくび)=yawn。
72 りんごりんごりんご 2019-03-31 The strange adventures of an apple.
73 愛蔵版ぶっぶーどらいぶ 2019-03-31 消防自動車(しょうぼうじどうしゃ)=fire truck.
74 赤ちゃんだっだぁー 2019-03-31 The faces in this book disturbed me greatly…

Does this mean that you are able to reread the books that appear again? Or do they remain blocked since you’ve already read them?

I also have a general (potentially glaringly obvious) question. I put it under a cut in case anyone doesn’t… want to get spoiled for どうぶつのおやこ I guess? ahah


I can’t really seem to figure out what あまえんぼう means.
Here are the contexts (sorry EhonNavi for taking screenshots):



Like is it something like “a sweet kid”? 甘い (あまい)?
“The baby is so sweet”, “it’s sweet to stick to your mother”?
Or maybe I’m going in the completely wrong direction…

Thank you in advance!


There’s this:
“wheedling child; spoiled child (spoilt); pampered child; child who always demands attention​”


Unfortunately you can’t read them again if you’ve already read them, even if they show up in the other age group’s list :(. If you really want to re-read them again, there are… ways, but I probably can’t mention them here on the forums. If you wanna reach out via Discord (njosefbeck#1484), I’d be happy to share my methods :).

Yeah, when I’m compiling the lists for my app (link in first post), I’m actually taking out all the repeats, in order to get an accurate count for each age group. According to what I’ve gathered so far, there’s still probably over 1000 books, which is probably plenty :joy:. At least that’s plenty for meee! xD


Totally forgot to check out Jisho first. Thank you so much Saruko! A spoiled child sounds like it would work in that context.



I’ve added a column to the table in the second post where you can add a link to your reading log post if you want! The URL gets kind of messy due to the character encoding, so the table is going to look a little bit crazy when you’re editing - hopefully it’s not too intimidating for people. Let me know if it is, and we can figure out a different solution :slight_smile:



Hi :slight_smile:
I will also join the challenge, though I do not know how many I can read.

And a question: Was the total number of books just changed from 76 to 75 in the second post? Is there a reason for that?