【LV1-5】Survey: Would you prefer to have an answer template?

Hi everyone!

Hello folks! When we talk things in Japanese here, would you prefer to have an answer template you can fill in? I know it’s difficult to write everything in Japanese for especially beginners, so I wonder if the template will be helpful. Let me know what you think!

  • I want a template!
  • I don’t want a template.
  • I want to eat ベーコン
  • I want to eat 三つ の りんご

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Yes, I want a template.

Though, if I still didn’t reply in Japanese, that could mean, I tried saving my draft (in my Gmail) in my native language, then tried to translate it to Japanese. And it’s not finished yet, so that’s why Sensei may not have seen my reply yet even days after Sensei replied to me.

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Yeah a template I think would be appropriate for those at levels 1-10.

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テンプレートがきです。 また、ベーコンをください! :bacon: :grin:

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I would like a template, though perhaps blurring or


the template

would be good, so people can try answering without the template if they wish? :thinking:



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Oh yes please!

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テンプレートはいいです!But I’d also prefer it we can also have a portion to try to write freely regarding the question :slight_smile:


Thank you for your opinion everyone!
I’ll add a template and just blur/hide it from now on. :slight_smile:

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