【LV1-5】Do you know how to answer 何人ですか?



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I think you ask asking where I live and also for how long hopefully this is ok!

Or maybe

I think the を is making it past tense so maybe it is は here or が I’m not sure


You need to be aware of transitive / intransitive. Also, using に for places is pretty safe. In the end, where do you come from? Does 六け月 mean 六ヶ月(ろっかげつ)?

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I am watching curedolly at the moment to learn more grammar and sentence structure, but I only just came across Ni in her video a few minutes ago. I didn’t google for アルダショト I tried to sound it out with Katakana. I definitely need to work on transitive/intransitive words it will take time for sure. Also worth mentioning I only just hit level 6 today so all of my level 5 vocab is only just unlocked so I don’t know much except the Kanji so far :smiley: such as 学


The trick is, you can change the language in Wikipedia, and your city’s name in Japanese will come up.

Also, usually (まな)ばなかった or 練習(れんしゅう)しなかった

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(Is 美国 the same in Japanese? I learned it with Mandarin)

Japanese uses 米国 or simply 米 (in 日米).

But why not just アメリカ人? Word preferences are gonna be different from Mandarin anyway, even if if they can be used in Japanese too.

Japanese uses 米国

Thank you.

But why not just アメリカ人

Because I couldn’t remember it. I’m newly learning, and I’m still pretty bad at katakana.

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ドイツ人です。ビルとソーセージくにだ! :smile:


:office: ビル