【 November start 】ドラゴンボールSD (Dragon Ball SD) Home Thread 🐉

Welcome to ドラゴンボールSD!

This book club is part of the Absolute Beginners Book Club and it will run concurrently with 10 Minute Biographies. The goal of this book club is to read a relatively easy manga together. We help each other out with vocabulary and grammar, we discuss the story itself and we motivate each other to keep going.

This manga is available digitally and physically (see the links below). If you are interested in reading a physical copy, it would be best to order it as soon as possible so you have it in time for November.

Where to purchase

Digital: Amazon · Bookwalker · Kobo
Physical: Amazon · CDJapan

Schedule and discussion threads

To be determined.

Vocabulary list

Please read the guidelines on the first page before adding any words.


Are you planning to read along?

  • Yes :dragon:
  • Maybe
  • Nope, I just like polls

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The ABBC will spend about 24 weeks reading 10 Minute Biographies. If we stick to a similar pace of 1 page a day we would end up with a 28 week schedule:

Start date Chapter Page numbers Page count
1 - ブルマと悟空とドラゴンボール 2-9 8
1 - ブルマと悟空とドラゴンボール 10-16 7
1 - ブルマと悟空とドラゴンボール 17-24 8
2 - 変身妖怪ウーロン 25-31 7
2 - 変身妖怪ウーロン 32-37 6
2 - 変身妖怪ウーロン 38-44 7
3 - 荒野の狼ヤムチャ 45-51 7
3 - 荒野の狼ヤムチャ 52-57 6
3 - 荒野の狼ヤムチャ 58-64 7
4 - フライパン山の牛魔王 65-71 7
4 - フライパン山の牛魔王 72-77 6
4 - フライパン山の牛魔王 78-84 7
5 - 神龍あらわる! 85-91 7
5 - 神龍あらわる! 92-97 6
5 - 神龍あらわる! 98-104 7
6 - 悟空の大変身 105-111 7
6 - 悟空の大変身 112-117 6
6 - 悟空の大変身 118-124 7
7 - ぴちぴちギャルを探せ‼ 125-131 7
7 - ぴちぴちギャルを探せ‼ 132-137 6
7 - ぴちぴちギャルを探せ‼ 138-144 7
8 - 修行開始‼ 145-151 7
8 - 修行開始‼ 152-157 6
8 - 修行開始‼ 158-164 7
9 - 天下一武道会開幕‼ 165-171 7
9 - 天下一武道会開幕‼ 172-177 6
9 - 天下一武道会開幕‼ 178-183 6
Bonus 184-188 5

Alternatively, we could go 50% faster so that we can read each chapter in 2 weeks. In that case we would take 19 weeks and the schedule would look more like this:

Start date Chapter Page numbers Page count
1 - ブルマと悟空とドラゴンボール 2-13 12
1 - ブルマと悟空とドラゴンボール 14-24 11
2 - 変身妖怪ウーロン 25-34 10
2 - 変身妖怪ウーロン 35-44 10
3 - 荒野の狼ヤムチャ 45-54 10
3 - 荒野の狼ヤムチャ 55-64 10
4 - フライパン山の牛魔王 65-74 10
4 - フライパン山の牛魔王 75-84 10
5 - 神龍あらわる! 85-94 10
5 - 神龍あらわる! 95-104 10
6 - 悟空の大変身 105-114 10
6 - 悟空の大変身 115-124 10
7 - ぴちぴちギャルを探せ‼ 125-134 10
7 - ぴちぴちギャルを探せ‼ 135-144 10
8 - 修行開始‼ 145-154 10
8 - 修行開始‼ 155-164 10
9 - 天下一武道会開幕‼ 165-174 10
9 - 天下一武道会開幕‼ 175-183 10
Bonus 184-188 5

What speed do you prefer?

  • 6-7 pages a week for 28 weeks
  • 10 pages a week for 19 weeks
  • Something else, which I’ll explain in a comment

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Never heard of the SD version before. Looks weird :sweat_smile:

Here is a review. It is supposed to be a bit easier to read than the original. I also love the fact it is in full colour!

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If there was a “Maybe” option in the membership poll, I’d choose that! I voted for this book as well as the biographies one… I’m just not sure yet whether I’ll be overcommitted on book clubs by the time this one starts :sweat_smile:
(Kiki is kicking my butt right now but should be finishing by around then I think)


Funnily enough this was the first manga I possesed in japanese after a recommendation. It is pretty easy but I wouldn’t underestimate it. I read yotsubato before I read SD even though SD is longer in my possesion.
In yotsuba you only have to struggle with yotsubas strange language. In SD more characters talk in a “funny” way which makes it harder for beginners.

Also everyone should be advised that SD is the story in shortened form and many parts are cut or only explained in 1-2 panels. Also the 1st one ends on a pretty cliffhangy moment in the first tournament arc XD.

The full color pages are nice though that is correct.


Bah, I always forget at least one option when I make a poll.

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I’ve read through the first two volumes (and have the other four to go through … at some point). It’s … a pretty baffling beast. Most chapters only have one or two alternations from the original material, with the rest being panel-for-panel, line-by-line recreations, albeit with truncation.

It seems like its main point is to run in Saikyo Jump to introduce young readers who may have come in through Super or the games to the content of the original Dragon Ball, though that makes the existence of collected volumes a bit of a headscratcher, considering the continued availability of the original series in Japan. The only potential appeal I can think of is that, if you’re a parent, six volumes for junior is cheaper than the equivalent twenty-four or so of Dragon Ball proper. (Up through the mid-Namek arc, where it currently stands.)

I won’t be joining this one, but good luck to all participating! I wound up just wanting to reread the original Dragon Ball after two volumes of it, which I went on to do instead. Maybe that’s the true point of the series.

Enjoy Naho Ooishi’s art–a former fan artist from the doujinshi sphere with some … rather spicy output before she was put on this project, in addition to a lot of comedy–and silently wish she were on something where she could flex her creativity a bit more.

If you’re truly coming into this as an “absolute beginner” looking for first-time native content, you can get through it, but beware Toriyama’s very colloquial dialogue, which is preserved in full force here. Read what interests you, but know there are certainly easier things to dive into.

So I decided to re-do the poll. Apologies to the people who already voted (though most of them were poll-lovers who will just get to vote again now, so you’re welcome :stuck_out_tongue:).

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Looking forward to seeing the vocab sheet! (Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan anyone…)

I started reading Dragon Ball last year in English after my son got into the anime. Read the whole lot from 1984 up to 2020 on the Shonen Jump app. An incredible manga! Will try and read along with you all.


Happy I caught the thread, just ordered the physical copy. Looking forward to it!

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In! Got 1-3 last week.

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It is funny but I realized few days ago that I never read Dragon Ball manga heh. I got my SD copy from BK. Waiting for the start of our club. In the meantime, I started to read original B&W manga in English starting from volume one out of 44. Must say it is incredible.

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This is a great idea to get into the spirit of things (and possibly also help with understandig the gist of the Japanese further down the road).