✴️ NARUTO ナルト ✴️ Arc 1: "Prologue - Land of Waves" 🌊

Wow, you’re fast! I better get started with vol. 3 soon :eyes:



Actually I’ll slow down in July when the reading challenge starts up again and I spend more time on prose reads. In the off month I’m just having fun reading manga. Also it’s fun to push myself and see how fast I can finish a volume. This one only took 10 days!


I’m just at the beginning of volume 3! It’s so exciting that we’re all at the same point omg (even if just for a short time) :dancing_men::dancing_men:

I have to slow down on reading/Japanese while I deal with various other things on my plate irl but I wanna finish this arc so bad :sob: I’ll probably use this weekend to read as much as I can from Vol. 3 (and maybe into Vol. 4?? wishful thinking)


YAYYY twins!!! I’m kind of living for this tiny book club (but of course if any lurkers want to join us reading please do :eye:)

I believe in you!! :elf: :magic_wand: :sparkles:


I am still in volume 1 :joy: BTW how do you post pictures on here?

Question: In chapter 4 pg 112 after the eraser falls on Kakashi, Sasuke says 頼りなさそうな 奴だな, meaning “guy looks unreliable”.

I am confused about the 頼りなさそうな. 頼りない means unreliable and is listed as an い-adjective in the dictionary, so I would have thought “looks unreliable” would be 頼りなそうな . It isn’t the negative version either because that would be 頼りなくなさそうな, right?

I’m guessing the answer is something simple… :sweat_smile:


You’re very close on that grammar point! At first, it looks like they’re using the adjective 頼りない (unreliable), which would be conjugated as 頼りなくなさそう, as you said. However, なさそう can also be connected to verb stems, in this case for the verb 頼る (to rely on) whose stem is 頼り, becoming 頼りなさそう. The meaning changes from “this guy looks unreliable” to something more like “looks like I/we can’t rely on this guy”

As for images, I’m on desktop so I just drag screenshots into the reply box :sweat_smile: And on mobile I think you can use the image icon to upload from your personal folder


Ah! So close, thanks for the help!

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