✨ I made a NHK Easy News twitter bot! πŸ€–

–> @nhk_easy on twitter! :robot:

Hallo! I made a bot that twitters the NHK Easy news articles so they are in your face a bit more than you might check normally. :slight_smile: It runs daily!

NHK Easy if you don’t already know is a great resource for reading material. The grammar is pretty repetitive for each article so if you can break down some of the structures there it really helps solidify it moving into the next one. http://www3.nhk.or.jp/news/easy/index.html

I like to just see them pop up in my feed and read on the bus or train.

I am working to redesign my kanji worksheet site: http://jensechu.github.io/kanji/ so please expect that soon.



This is great! I followed it! I love twitter bots

Ahh thanks ^0^ Twitter is such a low-key way to digest information.

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