☀️ Summer Solstice 24-hour Readathon

The Summer Solstice 24-hour Readathon

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Date: Friday, June 21st

Hey, all! I’ve been considering hosting one of these events for a while. If you’re part of TheMoeWay, you’ve likely seen (or participated in!) one of these before. They’re a fun way to finish any manga/novel/story/VN that you’ve been dragging your feet on, or to start one that you’ve been waiting for a good excuse to dive into.

The concept is simple: During the 24-hour period of June the 21st, whenever it begins and ends in your local timezone, read as much in Japanese as you can! Keep track of your reading in whichever way makes sense for your medium: time, and pages and/or characters - when you’re finished, report in and we’ll tally our collective amount together.

:sunny: Participating:

If you would like to join, I invite you to make a post with your goals: Are there any volumes you’d like to finish? What have you been itching to start? How many pages do you think you can reach? How much time have you ever spent reading during one sitting?

Throughout the day of the 21st, feel free to post updates if you’d like. Let us know when you finish something, reach a milestone, or simply can’t read another word without your brain melting.

When you are finished for the day or June 21st comes to an end in your timezone, make a post with your results! Compare them to your Goals post, did you knock your expectations out of the park, or were you too ambitious with your plans? Did you finish anything that made you say “good riddance”? Did you catch up to a book club you were behind in?

:sunny: Results:

Because this is the first Readathon event, there aren’t any previously-set records to break :sweat_smile: So here are some “goals” I’d like us to beat:

Altogether, can our results add up to be more than 24hrs, more than 500 pages, and/or more than 10,000 characters of text? :scream::books:

Once the 21st begins, I’ll make the Results post a wiki so we can all add our final numbers.

Happy Reading! :partying_face::open_book:

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  • I will be participating! :books:
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  • I’ll wait for the Autumnal Equinox :fallen_leaf:
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:point_up::nerd: “erm, ackshully, the solstice starts on the 20th” I had to choose between the starting day and ending day of the solstice and I chose Friday, I’m sorry :sob: Let’s do our best!


:sunny: Participants

Please keep alphabetical

Participant Goals Results
2OC3aOdKgwSGlxfz Post
Beyond_Sleepy >5 hours 50%…
DIO-Berry Goals Post Results Post
hotdogsuplex 3 manga volumes 3/3
javerend Link to Post
MarnieDEB Read Vol. 4 of よつばと! 100%
meagstudies Link to Post 37%
mitrac post 100%
NicoleIsEnough Read https://learnnatively.com/book/74a98426db/ 25 pages
taiyousea Goals Post Results Post
Thubanshee link to post 100%
SpiderWeb Read おチビがうちにやってきた book 3 30%
WeepingWeeb Post Results Post

:sunny: Results (Now Open)

Please update and tally as you complete your Readathon day :partying_face: :tada:

If you only kept track of time or pages or characters, but not everything, that’s perfectly okay! The multiple tally methods are primarily for those reading alternative items without defined pages (or, similarly, without defined character counts), so there is no rule to make a note of everything you do today. Imprecise metrics are great, just as long as you’re reading! :japanese_ogre:

User Time Pages Characters Sources
2OC3aOdKgwSGlxfz 3hr 47m 188 9
hotdogsuplex 458 3
javerend 8hr 30m 840 16500 7
mitrac 1hr 45m 62 6.2k 1
Phryne 38 1
Thubanshee 4hr 33.9k 1
MarnieDEB 190 1
RebBlue 4hr 23m 100 10
meagstudies 1hr 52m 54 2
taiyousea 5hr 5m 526 4
WeepingWeeb 1h 38m 2
Beyond_Sleepy 2hr 30m
SpiderWeb 4hr 80 1
DIO-Berry 8+ h 748 6
soggyboy 2hr 35m 13 1
NicoleIsEnough 3h 45m 25 1
Total: :tada: 43hr 50m 2574 56.5k 44
Goal: 24hr 0m 500 10k

Sounds like a good opportunity to knock some volumes out of my tbr list. Friday is supposed to be nice so I may end up going to the beach, but I think at least three manga volumes would be doable. I can’t promise that I’ll track time though.

Volumes that I’ll read:
台所のドラゴン volume 4
ふらいんぐうぃっち volume 2
たまものこい volume 1

If I have any energy left afterwards I’ll read よつばと


:books::tropical_fish: taiyousea’s readathon goals :desert_island::open_book:

I haven’t read hardly anything in the last 30+ days for my 2024 book bingo, so I’d like to do some damage toward that. I have 5 manga currently mid-read, maybe I’ll make finishing 3 of them my goal like @hotdogsuplex ^–^ Time is the one aspect I have total freedom with and I think 4-6 hours might be what I aim to accomplish!

Time: 4-6 hours
Pages: 200+ pages
Series: I will aim to complete オオカミちゃん Vol. 2, 四月は君の嘘 Vol. 1, and NARUTO Vol. 3 :raised_hands:

Extra goals if I somehow manage to do all that:
2.5k characters of すずめの戸締まり
Read more of とんがり帽子のアトリエ Vol. 3

If it’s a particularly gorgeous day, I might take some ice water with me and go read outside by the lake :sunny::sailboat:



Nooooouuuuuuuugh I think I’m busy that day. Screaming, rending my flesh, etc.


naurrr soggy :sob: you will be missed!! but at least you can plan in advance for the fall equinox readathon :face_holding_back_tears: :point_right::point_left:


:art: :male_detective: Readathon Tiiiiiiiiiime :male_detective: :art:

This sounds like fun, and I’d been thinking of trying to set a new daily/weekly reading record to finish off this book, so count me in!

:trophy: Goals: :trophy:
怪人二十面相 | L28 - I will be almost exclusively focusing on reading as much of this as possible. I think if I really buckle down I can do 25k character count = ~70 pages in book form, so let’s shoot for that!
if I finish that and can still focus… uhhh. aria game? I made it about 10% through the 2nd PS2 Aria VN during my listening challenge, I could try more of a dent in that but honestly I don’t think I’m finishing 怪人二十面相 :laughing:

I don’t really wanna force any book club readings because those tend to be ones I wanna really savor you know.


It sounds fun but I have work. I’ll probably try on my following free day. Maybe I could do the 23rd? I already have Saturday plans that I’m not changing.


Absolutely, I see no reason why it needs to be an inflexible challenge! ^–^ @soggyboy Maybe a day or two after might appeal to you, as well?


Hmmmmm, I might be able to get some reading in on the 23rd as well!


Sounds like fun. I will attempt to finish the science stories for second graders book I’m reading :t_rex: It’s too easy now but it’s one of those “barely interesting enough to continue and I own it so I guess i should finish it” kinda books. The perfect candidate for this kind of challenge…

Morning session: I read 1/3 of what is left in this book:
30 min - 18 pages - 1800 characters - 1 source

Afternoon session:
30 min - 22 pages - 2200 characters - same source

Evening session
45 min - 22 pages - 2200 characters - 1 source

1 hr 15min - 62 pages - 6200 characters - 1 source


Ah damn, would love to join but it’s terrible timing :sob: can’t do any of the days close to it either. Oh well, next time!


For the 2024 Bingo Reading Challenge ☑️ - #698 by nikoru - Japanese - Natively Forums on Natively, I want to read a whole volume in a single day - with the additional complication that I am planning to do the challenge on novels only :cold_sweat:

As I’m not able to read an average-length average-difficulty Japanese book in a single day (yet), I will try my hand on something shorter or, if that fails, something easier.

My plan is to see whether I can finish 冗談に殺す | L35 (25 pages) in one day, and if that fails (because of the difficulty or the subject matter or whatever) I will switch to こぐまのクーク物語 春と夏 | L20 which nominally has 160 pages, but it’s a children’s story with pictures, and so I guess it is not as tough as it sounds.

Curious to see where we all will end up :grin:


What a fun idea! I would love to participate and it might be doable. If so, my plan is to do my first fast read-through of Vol. 4 of よつばと! No dictionaries or vocab lists; I will be on the move for at least some of the day so I’ll take it on the bus/metro, to a cafe for lunch, etc. and try to finish my first pass by the end of the day.


My reading so far in June has been pitiful (less than 200 pages at the middle of the month, when my monthly average so far this year is more than a 1000 pages). I need to get my act together and speed up, and this sounds like a fun extra incentive to do so.

Now let’s see, I have 2 novels that I’ve read to about halfway and then somehow just kinda stopped reading (even though I liked them), and another one that I started but I’m not proceeding fast at all. The wise thing would be, I suppose, to set finishing one of these, or at least making significant progress in one of these, my goal for this challenge.

Knowing me though, I’ll probably just start a new book.

My goal for now is to read more than a 100 pages on the day, hopefully closer to 200. The most I’ve read in one day is I think 176, so as long as the book isn’t too hard and I don’t have too many other things competing for my time it should be doable. Actual book to be determined closer to the date.

Quick question: Do we need to time ourselves? I hate timing my reading, it adds unnecessary stress for some reason.


Timing is completely unnecessary if it causes any amount of stress! If you can estimate a general amount of time, that would be fun to add to our final results. But if you’d like to forgo any and all time tracking, that’s 100% okay :raised_hands:


Finish chi vol 3
Finish Frieren vol 1
Half of Tadoku L4 stories

Bonus Goals
Flying Witch vol 1
Shirokuma cafe vol 1


:dragon:Thubanshee’s Read-a-ton Challenge :dragon:

I’m vaguely busy on the 21st too, but I hope I can squeeze in a few hours. My record is probably about 5k characters in one sitting? I’m currently at chapter 18/24 (excl. side stories) of 北の砦にて vol. 1 | L30 and I want to see if I can’t manage to finish it. Or at least make some progress and get to chapter 20 lol

Official goals:
reach chapter 20 of 北の砦にて
finish vol. 1 of 北の砦にて


Man, I really wish I could join in for this; I love the thought of 24 hours dedicated to sitting in a comfy chair, reading Japanese, and snacking on tasty food to keep my energy up. But Friday through Sunday are completely booked for me, either via work or friends. I’d probably have time next weekend, but…