“hopefully you’ve seen this kun’yomi before” comment in reading explanation

For example

The reading is a bit weird in this one. Its kun’yomi reading for both kanji, even though it looks just like it should be all on’yomi reading. It’s like you’re taking a shortcut with your kanji readings and doing the native Japanese readings (kun’yomi) instead of the more intellectual Chinese ones (on’yomi). Luckily, you’ve hopefully seen both of these kanji as vocab already. You have ちか for 近 (short for 近い) and you have 道 (みち), just like the word “street” you learned before. Combine these together and you have the reading for this word. Perhaps it’s like this because you’re combining a couple concepts together into one word, at least when it comes to “short + way.”

I’m thinking to myself, “how could you not have seen this by now.” Is this comment in there to acknowledge some of the bizarre reordering scripts out there?

Like you mentioned, people could just do kanji lessons, get to that point, an then reorder the lessons to get to specifically that vocab via reorder scripts.

If you set your lesson ordering to „Shuffled“, I suppose it could be possible without reordering script?