ƺƷƺƷねʓ and other oddities of Japanese Twitter

What does ƺƷƺƷねʓ even mean?
Context I’ve seen it used in is: 塗り塗りしやした故、今日はƺƷƺƷねʓ

Also general Japanese Twitter oddities thread.


Here’s what Wiktionary has for many of those characters:

As to what it signifies I can’t tell. :man_shrugging:

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I have no idea but I’m very excited by the possibility of finding out.

Two total shots in the dark:

Maybe it’s a reeeeally weird kaomoji, maybe of a procession of snakes?

Or maybe they are using characters that look like る to make a wackier onomatopoeia like how in English We tYPe lIke tHiS for that weird Spongebob face meme, only conveying a different emotion?


I have absolutely no idea, but it kind of looks like そろそろねる? But written ~fancy~?
I don’t know, but now I really want to know. :thinking:


I don’t know about the marks used along or with other kaomoji, but I do see the following one with 「女子力高い」listed beside it on various sites:

ヽ( ε∀ε )ノ ƺƷƺƷねʓ

It we look for that specifically…



@KitzuRane in that case I propose 今日はƺƷƺƷねʓ means something along the lines of “slow day” and so ƺƷƺƷねʓ would be snakey like @ms12345 had suggested,
would also cover other use cases such as @ChristopherFritz’s examples.

Basically sneaky/creeping visual/meaning?


That tweet does indeed seems to say that the user is about to go to bed…like @KitzuRane also pointed out. But, rather than it being “fancy”, my first thought was that it’s more like when you sleep-type something…I’m off to bed now, so see you all laterszzzzzz (or something along those lines. ). That’s my guess at least. ^^;


Aye, after various googlings, I’d be willing to agree that it’s そろそろねる written in a slurred half-asleep mumble. It seems to be associated with this face more often than not: ( ー௰ー)


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