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Example sentences sometimes use the wrong word (20)
"Nic Cage" is a synonym for "National Treasure" 国宝? ( 2 ) (22)
Stats page not updating my level (6)
Shouldn't this be read as both ふだ and さつ?〜札 (4)
出所 with reading しゅっしょ means "release from prison" rather than "source" to Japanese speakers. でどころ means "source" ( 2 ) (31)
Broken links (13)
Leader radical broken character (8)
All level 1 radicals guru but no unlock (2)
Lesson ordering changes on refresh (20)
IME Issues (5)
Every symbol in the entire site is a square (3)
Not Showing The Right Level On Forums (18)
English vs American meanings and weird translations (15)
Forum search does not recognize Japanese (11)
Unable to do reviews -- input box just keep shaking! (6)
Page Changing rapidly (9)
Kanji reading "Ten" Error (4)
Changing password on WaniKani does not invalidate forum session (7)
Profile Button on dashboard links to another users account (19)
Weird profile bug (19)
Seeing someone elses profile (9)
"Your Progression" not working for locked items (10)
Vocabulary not fully completed (4)
Possible problem on Oreo Android (5)
The meonic for dosn't make much sense (3)
Repeating Lessons (5)
@WaniMekani (18)
Deleted posts still visible ( 2 ) (34)
Hiragana input issue (16)